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Achieving a 5 Star Rating

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

Aries sitting at the resident services desk finding out Orion is 5 star

It was a puzzle to figure out what exactly gives your island a 5 star rating and what benefits does that type of ranking have?

You need to be a 5 star island rating to acquire the golden watering can recipe and you need the golden watering can to grow golden roses. The flowers sell for 1000 bells a picking. Not bad for leisure island life.

Sharon standing on the edge of a cliff in front of a row of Lily of the Valley flowers

Reaching a five star rating will spontaneously synthesize the flower lily of the valley to grow on the hillsides. Created by Hera, the greek goddess who was the protector of women during childbirth, the lily is not only esthetically beautiful, but represents motherhood, rebirth, family, purity, joy, love, sincerity, happiness, good health and luck. Unlike other flowers on the island, you cannot pick the flowers of the lily and sell them. They seem to have a much deeper meaning than money and objects.

Another perk of having a 5 star island rating is if you are into sharing your dreams with other Animal Crossing players, it increases the chances of your island being chosen when someone picks the random dream option. Since you are basically stuck on an island most of your cozy sim game play, sharing a dream trip with other players is a nice contribution to society.

You also get a dream ticket worth 5000 bells mailed to you by the dream gatekeeper for being a contributor to the dreamworld.

Sharon standing on the edge of a cliff in front of a row of Lily of the Valley flowers

I’ve managed to save up a bunch of tickets. I decided to sell them at Nooks Cranny. I made a whopping 475,000 bells! The dreamworld is apparently a HUGE business. Seems being trapped on an island might not be so bad after all.

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