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Wild Animals (Not commonly kept as pets)


Side view - A small gray and tan animal with very soft fur, large perk ears, wide round dark eyes, a small nose and small legs sitting down in grass.

New England Cottontail rabbit in a horse field

A small gray and tan rabbit with a white bushy tail in mid hop in grass. It has large perk ears and black wide round eyes.

New England Cottontail rabbit hopping away

Types of Wild Rabbits

Alaskan Hare

Antelope Jackrabbit

Appalachian Cottontail

Arctic Hare

Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Brush Rabbit

Desert Cottontail

Eastern Cottontail

Marsh Rabbit

Mountain Cottontail

New England Cottontail

Pygmy Rabbit

Snowshoe Hare

Swamp Rabbit

White-tailed Jackrabbit