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Raising Puppies at Four Weeks Old

Sassy the English Mastiff with her litter of 11 adorable Mastiff puppies and their potty training progress

Puppy pad area filled with pee and poop

These pictures were taken first thing in the morning. The pups are four weeks old. EVERY poop this morning was on the paper. Pretty impressive. I am still having the odd pee where it shouldn't be, but most of the pee is on the paper where it should be. These puppies are only 27 days old, one day short of four weeks. Using the Misty Method of potty training pups while still at the breeder not only makes it easier for the breeder to keep the puppy area clean, it gives the pups a good head start on potty training. Pups will not be 100% house trained when they leave the breeder, however, they will have the basic concept and will be easier to train as they already know there is a certain place to do your business; you do not eliminate wherever you please.

Two Puppies walking to the Pee and Poop area

Pups 4.5 weeks

Pups in their whelp box area on a towel. One Puppy is drinking out of a water bowl and one is leaving the potty area

At four and a half weeks the pups’ whelping box is changed from solely paper to paper with wood shavings. The shavings coat the poop and absorb the pee, so it doesn't get tracked around. You cannot do this with toy dogs, but with large breeds it works great.

Wood chip potty area Puppy in the wood chip potty area Puppies on a clean towel next to the wood chip potty area Puppies laying on a towel, a couple puppies drinking out of a water bowl Close Up - Wood Shavings bag with a cat walking in front of it Close Up - Three Puppies in the corner of their cage

Pups at 4.5 weeks go outside to play

Most of the Puppies are near the feeding bowl. One Puppy looking around on the rug

Since these pups are being raised with the Misty Method of potty training, they are able to be placed in areas with a nice carpet, food area and a potty station. Notice the potty station at the far end of the puppy pen. The pups will use this to do their business. Pups that were not raised using the Misty Method would pee and poop all over this pen, soiling the carpet. These pups have learned at a young age the carpet is not the place to do their business. Not only is it easier on the breeder as far as cleanup, the new owners of these pups will have an easier time housebreaking their new puppy. These pups were bred by MistyTrails Mastiffs.

Close Up - Rock in a Water Bowl

Putting a rock in the water bowl to weigh it down prevents large-breed dogs from tipping the water bowl over.

Puppies scattered everywhere in play pen area.

The pups now have teeth and some dry kibble has been placed on the rubber mat for them to munch on.

English Mastiff walking into the puppy area The litter of puppies are climbing all over the man

Eleven lovable pups crawl all over daddy!

Man still pLaying with puppiesSassy The English Mastiff smelling a puppy's back end

Sassy and her puppy

Courtesy of MistyTrails Mastiffs

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