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The Adventures of Bruno the Boxer and Spencer the Pit Bull

Bruno and Spencer meet their new friend Luna the Beabull

Luna the Beabull puppy standing on a rock at a park

Several months had gone by since the sad passing of Tia the Norwegian Elkhound, who had died from cancerous mast cell tumors. Tia's family decided it was time to add a new family member. They adopted Luna the 4-month-old Beabull (Beagle / English Bulldog mix) puppy.

Luna the Beabull puppy on a leash in the grass

I brought Bruno and Spencer in along to assist in helping to pick the right puppy for the family. When we walked in every single puppy started to bark and get excited over seeing the dogs in their den, everyone but Luna. Luna sat down and looked at them curiously but calmly, even while all of the other puppies excitedly barked around her, jumping at the sides of their pen. We picked Luna up and she went limp in our arms snuggling her head into our neck. We put her onto the ground and she started using her nose like a Beagle smelling everything including Bruno and Spencer. We held a few more puppies but none were as calm and laid-back as Luna. We set Luna back into her pen and I walked by with Bruno and Spencer. Once again all of the puppies started barking and jumping up at the side of the pen. Luna on the other hand play bowed and let out a tiny yip. There was no doubt that Luna was the one.

Bruno the Boxer standing on a paved path letting Luna the Beabull puppy smell him

When Luna first left the other puppies she seemed a tad unsure, but that didn't last long as she soon realized Bruno and Spencer were still with her.

Luna the Beabill peeing in the grass

Good girl Luna, time to potty before you get into the car.

Luna the Beabull puppy in a car being hugged by two girls

Oh my, you are already loved...

Luna the Beabull getting kissed by a girl

Kisses for Luna

Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier nudging Luna the Beabull with his nose

Spencer the Pit Bull would not stop wagging his tail. He wanted to play. He nugdged Luna with his nose and play bowed at her then started to sniff.

Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier sniffing Luna who is rolled on her back

Luna rolled onto her back. Wow, now that was a good sign that she was tolerant and submissive.

Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier sniffing Luna the Beabull who is belly-up and Bruno is behind Spencer

Luna lay there as Spencer got his sniffs in.

Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier bowing to Luna the Beabull as he smells her

Spencer then playbowed at her again. Hey there pup, lets be friends!

Luna the Beabull sniffing the ground with Spencer the Pit Bull Terriers face

Ideally the dogs should have all been off a leash for this meeting, however this was not a safe area to set them all free and we didn't have any other options at the time, so we made the best of it. I was able to drop Bruno and Spencer's leash for short times, but had to keep a close eye. Luna kept following Spencer around. She seemed to have really bonded with him.

Luna the Beabull walking under Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier while on a leash

Hey kid, what the heck are you doing under there?

Luna the Beabull walking under Bruno the Boxers legs while on a leash with Spencer standing next to them

Um, hello there pup, that's like my leg you are walking into.

Luna the Beabull walks under Bruno the Boxers legs and Spencer follows Luna as Bruno tries not to fall down

Ok, Spencer I can see the new kid walking under me, but YOU, too?!

Luna the Beabull walking up to her owner as she kneels down to the puppy

We need to start teaching Luna how to walk on a leash. She does not understand the concept of it all yet. Time to get down on the ground and teach her to come with some silly gestures puppies cannot resist. Come on baby-girl, you sweet thing.

Luna the Beabull running down a paved path with her owner

Good girl Luna, lets run!

Luna the Beabull running on a blacktop while on a leash with her owner

Luna has the nose of a Beagle, constantly smelling the ground, but the awkward walk of a Bulldog. We look forward to many more outings with Luna and watching her grow into a balanced, well-adjusted dog.

Pack walk and play session with Luna the Beabull—5 months old

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