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The Adventures of Bruno the Boxer and Spencer the Pit Bull

Pack walk and play session with Luna the Beabull

Luna the Beabull next to Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier playing at a fenceline

Spencer the Pit Bull at 3 years old with Luna the 5-month-old Beabull puppy

Bruno the Boxer and Luna the Beabull together on a pack walk walking side-by-side

Bruno the Boxer and Spencer the Pit Bull went on a pack walk with their friend Luna the 5-month-old Beabull puppy.

Luna jumping up at Bruno and Spencer playing

Luna is still learning her leash manners. All she wants to do is play and jump all over the other dogs. "Hey kid, that's my ear you are chewing on!"

Luna the Beabull and Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier play bowing at one another

You would think that after a good walk Luna would be exhausted, but NO, she still has energy to burn and she gives Spencer a run for his money. I didn't bring Bruno down to the yard to play after the walk because after three knee surgeries I feel he is at a very high risk of another injury. He was happy to crash by the fireplace.

Luna the Beabull jumping at Spencer and Spencer is jumping away with wide eyes

Yikes, that pup is a wild one!

Notice how Spencer's play begins to slow down before Luna's. Luna is a bundle of energy. If you watch closely you can see Spencer doing a few "Pitbull spins". As Spencer gets tired the spins get slower.

Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier and Luna the beabull drinking out of the same water bowl

Spencer and Luna share the water bowl

Bruno and Spencer: Meet their new friend Luna the Beabull—4 months old

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