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Anubias Nana

Aquarium Plants

Anubias Nana the Aquarium Plant is inside of a broken vase

Anubias nana plant, also commonly called Anubius Round Leaf or nana is a hearty plant. This plant should be placed somewhere it can attach itself. The main root called the rhizome should not be covered as it tends to rot. It is shown here placed loosely inside a tank decoration where it can attach itself freely.

Scientific Name

Anubias barteri



Other Names

Nana, Anubius Round Leaf, Anubias Barteri


Emerged, foreground, mid-ground


Very easy, hardy, can even survive out of water, vulnerable to beard algae


Very slow, grown from a rhizome and does well if tied to rocks or driftwood or placed on gravel. It likes water floating around its rhizome. (A rhizome is a horizontal stem of a plant that is usually found underground, often sending out roots and shoots from its nodes.) Rhizome root should not be covered, as it has a tendency to rot.


Height: 2 - 6 inches (5 - 15 cm) Width: 16 inches (40 cm)


Very low to medium


73° - 83° F (23° - 28° C)


7.0, neutral


Very soft to hard


Tropical West Africa


Rhizome, seeds


Flowers frequently underwater. It is not eaten by herbivorous fish.

An Anubis Nana plant in front of a broken vase inside of a fish tank An Anubis Nana plant with the tag still with the plant in front of a broken vase in a fish tank with blue, teal, light blue and yellow gravel An Anubis Nana plant is in front of a broken vase. There is a rock in the background.