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Keeping Fish as Pets

Information and Pictures

Five Orange fish are swimming to the left of a fish tank that has teal green gravel and there is a blue fish above them.


A animated gif of a Tiger Oscar in a Fish Tank An Orange Cichlid fighting with a Tiger Oscar in a fish tank.

"Fish fighting—we introduced the orange cichlid to the tank and he was more aggressive than the first one. The darker one, which was our first, used to pick on our tiger Oscar, who is bigger than him. Now that we got the orange cichlid he doesn't. The orange fish beat up the darker one pretty bad and took his spot in the tank. He is all better now, but there's a new boss in the tank now, and he knows it."

A child in a pink shirt is standing next to a 55-gallon fish tank.

55-gallon fish tank—fish can make fascinating pets for children.

A baby Albino Frog on the blue, white, pink, orange an green rocks at the bottom of a fish tank.

"The albino frog will get very big and become aggressive and we will add him to the 55-gallon tank with the more aggressive fish when he does."

The back of a Baby Albino Frog that is standing on rocks.

Baby albino frog

Close up - A Baby Albino Frog is jumping up the side of a fish tank.

Baby albino frog

A School of Platys are swimming under a filter.