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French Bulldog Pictures

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A black and white French Bulldog is sitting in a field. Its ears are pinned back slightly and its mouth is open and tongue is out

Biscuit the French Bulldog at 6 years old

Other Names
  • Bouledogue Francais
  • Frenchie
A black with white French Bulldog is wearing a brown leather collar standing outside on leaves and looking up

I just turned 1 year old! On my birthday my Frenchie friends and I had a blast in the woods!

Four black French Bulldogs are walking down a dirt path outside

A pack of French Bulldogs having fun in the woods. They all spot something in the distance.

Four black French Bulldogs are standing in grass at the edge of woods in a circle digging into the ground

A pack of French Bulldogs sniffing out something interesting

Three black with white French Bulldogs are biting at each other outside in grass.

Dot, Lotje and Mickey, the three Musketeers—Dot (11 months) is the one on the left and on the right is Lotje (5 months). I am afraid that you can't see much of Mickey, who is in the middle.

Three black with white French Bulldogs are sniffing through a medium sized puddle of water outside at the edge of woods.

Dot, Lotje and Mickey—Dot's owner writes, “Dot is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had. She loves life and people love her, she brings smiles on everybody's face. One of her closest friends here in the neighborhood is Sarah, an English Bulldog puppy of 5 months. Bulldogs play different than most dogs. Sometimes it is like watching Japanese Sumo wrestlers; it is so beautiful to watch!”

At a dog show, two ladies are holding the leashes of two French Bulldogs. There is a man in a blue shirt in between them. There is a man in a grey suit bending over and he is holding a leash. A brown with white and black French Bulldog is standing next to a sign with a big number 2 on it. A black with white French Bulldog is standing behind a bag of Purina dog food, a gold trophy and a big sign that has a large number 1 on it

Dot won the FIRST place in her class in her very first show!!!