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Great Pyrenees Pictures

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A young boy has one leg over the back of a Great Pyrenees outside in a field with a line of trees behind them.

"Hello. I would like to introduce you to Sam. He is a Great Pyrenees and the love of my life. He guards our horses, chickens, and our whole farm really. He also loves our cats. Sam is the most loving and gentle dog I have ever owned, and holds a very special place in my heart. He is the first Great Pyrenees I have had, but I my husband that we will never be without one now. Sam is now 17 months old and I have enjoyed every second of that time."

Other Names
  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog
  • Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees
  • Pyrenean dog
  • Patou
A Great Pyrenees is sitting in front of a large door in a barn with its paw up in the air looking at the  boy who is standing in front of him.

Sam the Great Pyrenees at about 17 months old with his owner

A lady is sitting at the top of a portable metal staircase inside of a barn while a Great Pyrenees dog climbs up to lick her face

Sam the Great Pyrenees at about 17 months old with his owner

A white Great Pyrenees dog is laying on a green and tan flowered pattern tiled floor next to a white refrigerator and in front of a door. Its mouth is open and tongue is out and it looks content.

"Hi. My name is Max. I am a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees and my mom and dad just love me to pieces. I am the first big dog they have ever had and they always brag about how big I am; I weigh 106 pounds (wow)! But, I also know how to Sit, Lie Down, Speak, Shake, Stay, and turn to the left in a complete circle. Please, no vacuums though; I am terrified of those scary things! But I love getting treats and going for long walks and also riding in my mom's van with the window down a little so I can smell the neat stuff outside as we go places. My mom thinks I am the best dog ever!!"

A Great Pyrenees is standing next to a house. There is a chain link fence behind it

Max the Great Pyrenees

A Great Pyrenees is laying in tall brown dried flowers with a view of a large body of water behind it. Its mouth is open and its tongue is sticking out looking happy and content.

"Kina Bear is our four-year-old Great Pyrenees from a working dog line here in Pennsylvania. She was the small one of the litter and we found her by accident and are so glad we did. My parents had Pyrenees on their Arabian horse farm; I fell in love with this breed at a young age, but was not able to have one on my own till later in life. Having a high-stress job, my doctor actually recommended a dog believing they help lower blood pressure, and with stress management and anxiety. Having Kina Bear in our lives has helped with all of these health issues. Not only is she a wonderful loyal, sensitive companion, she has helped my health improve. Anyone having stress, blood pressure problems and anxiety, although it is not a cure, forming a relationship with a pet in a healthy home environment will definitely improve your life and remind you to take the time for loved ones and yourself."

A Great Pyrenees is standing on a large bolder type rock on the side of a body of water with a person behind it.

"She has also amazed me by having the love of sailing like I do. She has gone on many sailing trips off the coast of Maine."

A Great Pyrenees is sharing a blanket with a lady on the deck of a moving boat.

"She behaves so well on board, relaxes and takes it all in as we sail. These are not short sails, either; we can be sailing up to four hours before we anchor and find an island that we want to explore."

A Great Pyrenees is standing under a log and it is in the mist of large bolder type rocks at the edge of water.

"Exploring many uninhabited islands and loving every minute of it."

A Great Pyrenees is standing in a body of water with a stone wall behind it and looking to the left

"We are adopting a Newfoundland puppy for Kina to mother. I am sure they will be wonderful sailing companions."