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List of Belgian Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs

A large thick coated black dog with brown eyes, a black nose and graying around his muzzle standing outside in snow next to brown long grass looking back at the camera with his pink tongue hanging out to the sides. The dog has a long black tail and ears that hang down to the sides.

"Cole was a Belgian Shepherd / Newfoundland mix breed dog. He was absolutely the smartest, and most gentle dog I have ever known. He displayed a true empathy for the human condition and made human friends with whoever he touched. Even people who had a fear of dogs all their lives loved Cole. He stood about 28" at the shoulder and weighed about 85 lbs. Unfortunately we lost old Cole last year to bone cancer in the leg. He was a true friend and will be truly missed."

Other Belgian Shepherd Dog Breed Names
  • Belgian Groenendael
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Belgian Shepherd Groenendael
  • Chien de Berger Belge
  • Groenendaeler