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List of Rough and Smooth Collie Mix Breed Dogs

A large breed thick coated tan with black dog wearing a hot pink and black vest sitting outside on a deck in front of a sliding glass door. The dog has large perk ears, a long snout and a black nose. Its eyes are brown. There is a silver water bowl next to it. It looks like a shepherd dog.

Sage the German Shepherd / Rough Collie mix at 3 years old

  • Collie x Afghan Hound mix = Afollie
  • Collie x American Eskimo mix = Ski-Collie
  • Collie x Australian Cattle Dog mix = Cattle Collie Dog
  • Collie x Australian Shepherd mix = Aussie Collie
  • Collie x Boxer mix = Boxollie
  • Collie x Doberman Pinscher mix = Doberman Collie
  • Collie x English Springer Spaniel mix = Sprollie
  • Collie x German Shepherd mix = Shollie
  • Collie x Golden Retriever mix = Gollie
  • Collie x Great Pyrenees mix = Collie Pyrenees
  • Collie x Labrador Retriever mix = Labollie
  • Collie x Pointer mix = Pointollie
  • Collie x Poodle mix = Cadoodle
  • Collie x Shetland Sheepdog mix = Cosheltie
  • Collie x Siberian Husky mix = Siberian Collisky
Other Collie Dog Breed Names
  • Rough Collie
  • Smooth Collie
  • Scottish Collie
  • Long-Haired Collie
  • English Collie
  • Lassie Dog