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List of Dogo Argentino Mix Breed Dogs

A large breed mastiff looking black and whtie dog with small cropped ears, a long tail and a muscular body with a big head and large dewlaps on his mouth standing outside

"Kubo's genetic make up is a Dogo Argentino x Pit Bull Terrier x Fila Brasileiro mix breed dog. He is a type of Bandogge. He has strong guarding instincts."

  • Dogo Argentino x Pit Bull Terrier mix = Dogo Pit
Other Dogo Argentino Dog Breed Names
  • Argentinian Mastiff
  • Argentine Dogo
A large muscular dog with a big black nose, slanty eyes and rose shaped ears laying down on a bed

"Spike is a wonderful dog we adopted from the local shelter. He is a Dogo mixed with a Pit Bull Terrier. Spike is smart and affectionate and not aggressive at all, only if provoked. He is our child! He loves to snuggle up next to you anywhere."

A white dog with black ears, dark round eyes and a boxy muzzle with a big black nose chewing on a rawhide bone

Spike the Dogo / Pit Bull mix breed dog at 2 years old