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List of English Setter Dog Mix Breed Dogs

Front view of a thick coated black and white dog laying down in grass. He has a black nose and dark almond shaped eyes, one black ear and one white with black patched ear. His pink tongue is hanging out.

"I adopted Tucker from a shelter when he was 11 weeks old. He has been the best dog I could have asked for. Tucker is an English Setter / Border Collie mix. He is surprisingly calm and laid back. He is very easy to train and is eager to please. Tucker is in training to become a therapy dog. He loves anyone and everyone. He is 8 months old in this picture and is a happy go lucky dog. He loves to play and trips to the dog park are his favorite."

  • English Setter x Border Collie mix = English Borsetter Collie
  • English Setter x Boxer = English Boxetter
Other English Setter Dog Breed Names
  • Lawerack
  • Laverack
  • Laverack Setter
Front view of a black and white dog with black ticking over white patches standing in snow with his tail alert.

Tucker the English Setter / Border Collie mix breed dog at 8 months old

Front size view of a little black and white puppy laying down in grass. half of the dogs face is black and the other half is white.

Tucker the English Setter / Border Collie mix breed dog as a puppy at 11 weeks old