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List of Keeshond Mix Breed Dogs

Close up head shot of a thick coated gray, black and white dog with bat ears and wide round brown eyes sitting down outside on a porch with her tongue hanging out looking happy

"This is Jade, she is a mix of predominantly Keeshond mixed with a Pembroke Corgi at two and a half years old weighing 28 pounds (12 kg). She is spayed. Jade lives in an apartment. She is going through the typical shedding cycle for her breed of dog and normally sheds a little bit throughout the year. Jade was a rescue dog from the SPCA of Philadelphia and has adjusted to home life very well from her pound transition. Like both of her breeds she is a very high energy dog who needs ample exercise and really enjoys a good run every so often. Her temperament is decent, she gets along with most people providing that they pay her lots of attention and she reacts very well with children. Interaction with other dogs however is a struggle, she barks and snarls at almost every dog she passes with a slight exception for female dogs on occasion. She is a very protective pet and works as a great guard dog as she is always alert to her surroundings. She has a bad habit of barking excessively and jumping up at people as well as for food, unfortunately she picked up these traits prior to our adopting her, it has been a tough time breaking her from these bad habits but she learns the proper way slowly but surely. All in all I would have to say she is a great pet and a great breed. The Keeshond portion gives her some decent weight and height beyond the normal Corgi, and her face is a great mix of the two breeds. In my opinion this is a great mix breed for any dog lover and especially for those without a lot of living space."

  • Keeshond x Great Pyrenees mix = Great Keeshees
  • Keeshond x Neapolitan Mastiff mix = Neahond
  • Keeshond x Norwegian Elkhound mix = Elk-Kee
  • Keeshond x Pomeranian mix = Pom-Kee
  • Keeshond x Shetland Sheepdog mix = Sheltie-Kee
  • Keeshond x Siberian Husky = Siberian Keeshond
Other Keeshond Breed Names
  • Chien Loup
  • Deutscher Wolfspitz
  • Dutch Barge Dog
  • German Spitz
  • German Wolfspitz
  • Kees
  • Smiling Dutchman
  • Wolfspitz