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List of Shiba Inu Mix Breed Dogs

An orange short but thick-coated dog with perk ears that come to a point at the tips, brown almond shaped eyes and a black nose standing outside in grass.

"This is Isis, a 1 year old chow/shiba inu mix. She was rescued from an animal shelter. She is a very laid back dog, though she does enjoy about an hour of exercise a day. She has short fur but she does have the thick chow wool like undercoat and requires a good brushing once or twice a week. She is very social with other dogs and people. She does play rough with other dogs and likes to sneak up and ambush them. She has a hunting instict and is a digger. She also will tear up stuffed animals or a newspaper if it is left where she can get it. She is VERY intelligent and has figured out how to jump up on counters to pull things down. She is a dog you have to stay one step ahead of. She has an all blue tongue like a Chow, as well as the undercoat and the eyes. She is also very protective of her family, like a Chow. She is medium sized, about the size of a Fox Terrier and weighs 35 lbs (15.8 kg). A little larger than a Shiba Inu but now quite as large as a Chow."

  • Shiba Inu x American Eskimo mix = Imo-Inu
  • Shiba Inu x Australian Shepherd mix = Aussie Shiba
  • Shiba Inu x Beagle mix = Shi-Beagle
  • Shiba Inu x Boston Terrier mix = Shibos
  • Shiba Inu x Cairn Terrier mix = Shairn-Inu
  • Shiba Inu x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix = Cava Inu
  • Shiba Inu x Chihuahua mix = Shiba-Chi
  • Shiba Inu x Cocker Spaniel mix = Shocker
  • Shiba Inu x Dachshund mix = Shibadox
  • Shiba Inu x Miniature Pinscher mix = Shiba Pin
  • Shiba Inu x Miniature Schnauzer mix = Schnu
  • Shiba Inu x Papillon mix = Papi-Inu
  • Shiba Inu x Pomeranian mix = Pom-Shi
  • Shiba Inu x Poodle mix = Poo-Shi
  • Shiba Inu x Pug mix = Pug Shiba
  • Shiba Inu x Shetland Sheepdog mix = Sheltie Inu
  • Shiba Inu x Labrador Retriever mix = Shiba Lab
  • Shiba Inu x Siberian Husky mix = Siberian Shiba
  • Shiba Inu x Welsh Corgi mix = Shiba Corgi
Other Shiba Inu Breed Names
  • Japanese Shiba Inu
  • Japanese Small Size Dog
  • Shiba
  • Shiba Dog
  • Shiba Ken
View from the top looking down at an rust brown colored dog walking across brown grass with her shadow to her left. The dog has a tail that curls up over her back, small perk ears and a black nose.

Isis the Shiba Inu / Chow Chow mix breed dog at 1 year old