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Scam Stories

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These stories are posted so you can read them, learn from them, and not let them happen to you.

A drawn picture of a Golden Retriever puppy laying down with an orange triangle sign around it with the words Fraud under it.

Story from Puppy Buyer

I have been looking online to find a Golden Retriever pup. I emailed someone that I thought was about 50 miles from my home in Texas. A few days later, I received an email from a "Sandy Banks" stating that she had 2 12 week old Golden pups she needed to GIVE away as she was unable to keep due to health problems. She stated that she was about to have brain surgery. And also, that she lived in Tuscon, Arizona. I was shocked as I thought that I was dealing with a breeder near me. Than she stated that I would just have to pay $300 Shipping fee. That kind of bothered me. She sent me pics of 2 adorable puppies and I kind of got excited. Told her I would have to check with my husband and what was the name of the shipping company. She replied that as soon as I gave her my info that she would decide which company she was using. All of this was through several hours of emails. I decided to investigate the safety of shipping puppies and these scam alerts popped up. I was a little embarrassed that I almost fell for this, but proud of myself for investigating. These scams are so cruel to take advantage of people's emotions and I'm so glad that I didn't fall prey to them. I don't think I would have sent money without a puppy in my arms, but I will be wiser from now on and warn others!

Story from Puppy Buyer

I found an ad for yorkie pups on the oodle website. After texting them my first question was it says your in hartford but the # was a phone number in maryland and she said she moved and retired. Then she showed me pictures of the puppies and said they were both available. I said just one. That it would be 280.00 I said ok. As loving as I am I sent the money I wanted the dog. A day later I get a text saying I need to send money for an air conditioned crate or they won't send the dog. I said ok. Now that was $600.00 they said the puppy would be delivered to me at noon yesterday july 19th. When the dog failed to arrived I got an email saying I owed 1500.oo for pet insurance. I said no and then I started to look and found out I have been scammed.

Story from Puppy Buyer

I was looking to get a 15 week old Siberian Husky. The website was a dog adoption site. Seemed legit. Unfortunately I was scammed out of $700+ in total. I had sent a money gram of half the amount of the transfer of ownership documents as agreed on the original email. ("only payment asked is the transfer of ownership paperwork. Everything including, crate, toy, vet records, owner training guide, and your new baby will be taken care of.") At this point I was getting concerned. So I had asked to speak with the female I was emailing. I received a text message from the sender. When I was finally able to get them on the phone, it was a PRIVATE/RESTRICTED number. And a man was on the line. Not only that but he wasn't even able to speak English! So I said "I was not interested anymore into adopting this dog and I want my $150 back!" I then found out within 12 hours of saying I didn't want the dogs, there was an additional $520+ withdrawn INSTEAD of just $150!!!! I not only lost out on my money, but checks bounced for my bills, other bills couldn't get paid, and most importantly I lost the deposit for my first apartment. $700 was a good chunk of hard earned money that was STOLEN not GIVEN out of stupidity. I knew this was a scam and was still stuck with paying for all they wanted.

Story from Puppy Buyer


A drawn sign with red letters that says Online Fraud. The O in the word online has a line through it.

Story from Breeder

A woman with an email sent me an email asking to buy the puppy I had put up on eBay Classified. Said he would be shipped to New York by a "private shipping company that does work for her". When I asked how he would be shipped there, she literally said "he will be shipped over". She told me he would be shipped by Don Chris Shipping company, a company that does not exist. Scary to think what she would have done if she had gotten a hold of my puppy.

Scam Example


Yes we still have sweet little English Bulldog puppies, ready to go now at 12 weeks, done with house and toilet training , males and females available.we presently live in Brooklyn New York. Lucy, Kike, Jude and Spikey. There are all healthy and all vaccinated. I have attached their recent pictures.all are vet checked, fully akc, puppies are very playful and love much attention and to be pampered,all my puppies have the same characteristics because i hand raised them my self,i am now looking for loving homes to send them into.we are a family of five, we all love puppies too, but wanting to get ride of four puppies now because the apartment we are moving in is too small to keep all of them, we will like to know about you for future sake before giving the puppies:that is why we are asking these questions and we will be very pleased if you can get back to us with answers to these questions to enable us know the kind of home where our puppy(s) will be going to

- Whats your name?
- where do you live?
-Have you a puppy before?Which Breed?
- Do you often go out with your pets?
-Do you promise sending me up dated photos monthly
- Have you got a pet now?
-Will you be able to spoil the baby(s) with much love and care?
-Do people at your environ cherish dogs?
- IS your current pet use to other pets and vet checked also?
- Do you have a vet? What about your family and kids?
Are you adopting the baby(s) for pet or commercial reasons?
- When are you ready for a puppies?
-Which of the puppies will you love to take ?
-How many puppies do you want to adopt,and which sex?
- Can you please tell me more you know about pets and this breed especially?

Sorry for asking a lot we just wanna make sure our puppy(s) is safe where he or she is going, we have two male and two female to give out. Kike and Jude are the male while Lucy and Spikey are female, Each puppy will cost you $250 for everything, you shall spend just $250 for a puppy ok .We offer a health certificate for 6months to you, and also a pedigree,pet food manual. You can
see the puppies any time you want, we can give you our address for view, if it is too far,then i can drive down the puppy to you, or send the puppy to your house by a courier service that carriers puppies around for people. Please our interest in more on the home you have for this pups. Just heard that one of our pups which we gave out was rescued by the rescue team, because the family we sent the pup into, did not take proper care of the puppy and this is what we hate. Please get back to us with more details
about your home and you. These dogs are gentle and playful and very fond of his or her family. A puppy has a heart, they are very clever, sociable and loving, easy-going and docile. Though they do generally have a lot of energy, especially as puppies. Good with children and friendly with strangers,and love everyone.. they are not watchdogs, but they bark little These puppies are very intelligent and trainable, but they have a mind of their own and will only obey a command if they see the point and if you do
not display leadership, they will not see the point in obeying you.Please get back to me asap.for more details and formalities on the shipping and on how you can make one your new family member..

Puppy Looker

Me: My name is ******** and I live in *******, La. I am the proud owner of a 12 yr old chow named Bree and a 9 yr old chow named Smokey. I have wanted an English bulldog since I was a little girl but as I got older and really started researching them I thought it was best to wait until I was out of college and established before I really started trying to find one. I know that they require alot of affection and attention and when I was in nursing school time was not on my side and I knew that I would not be able to provide an English bulldog with the love and attention it would require to be happy. I am married with two boys 15 yrs old and 10 yrs old and we all love pets. We live on 10 acres so our babies have plenty of room to stretch their legs. I am interested in adding a new member to my family not interested in commercial reasons at all. When our chows were younger they went on outings with the family all the time but now that they are older it is alot harder for them to
get around so if we go on a family vacation we have a family member look after them. I would love nothing more than to have a traveling companion again if the puppy I chose is not stressed by traveling. Otherwise he/she would be well taken care of if we have to be away. I am currently a case manager for a home health company so I dont work any more than 40 hrs a week and would be able to spend lots of time with the baby. just by looking at the pictures I am really interested in Jude or Lucy. Could you tell me a little more about their individual personalities? If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I am really impressed that you are truly interested in the well being of these babies. Oh and of coarse I would be willing to send you pictures and updates on their life. :-)


Hi dear friend,
Okay nice reading from you. i am so pleased with your e-mail regarding the puppies ok .well as regarding shipping, it will cost you just $145 including the adoption fee $250 making it up to.$395. $395 is all you will be paying to have her please i will like to know how soon you want the puppy delivered to your home because we need a home for the puppy as soon as possible. if you are ready, we can arrange and have everything done so that you can receive the puppy latest tomorrow.
thanks and waiting

Puppy Looker

The cost is not a would she be shipped?... also do you have other breeds I noticed there are alot of breeds listed on your post...just had me curious?


Hello dear friend,
Nice reading from you. as regarding the flight and delivery, i will need you to get back to me with your full shipping and delivery information which i will use to register the puppy to your names and address where she will be delivered to. so you will have to get back to me with the following..

your full names,
contact number,
street and home address,
the nearest airport in your location.

with all the above information, i will register the to your names and address where she will be delivered to. so just get back to me with the data so we can proceed.the payment will be sent via Western Union money transfer because it fast and reliable.

Puppy Looker

And my final response to this criminal:

I just thought I would let you know that I think you should be in jail and I am making it my mission to stop felons like you. Did you really think I was just going to send you my money western union and not do more research. Sorry you are dealing with someone that has some intellengence unlike you, are people really that stupid. I mean my first tip off was the fact that the picture on your listing was not even one of the dogs you sent me pictures of. Then I get to doing research and find the same pictures you sent me onother breeders websites. Not to mention the fact that you have listings all over the United States with the same picture and listing but yet the seller name changes everytime.

California- sandrolone1
Kansas- lyzfreeman00
Tennesse- lanerichard1
N.Carolina- richardkings
Washington- sergeobusqe0
Texas- joselvanessa
Florida- rkellychoks ( I thought this one was hilarious)
Oklahoma- jamescarl110

These are just to name a few...All of your seller names as well as the email address have been turned over... Oh and the pics you sent me.... sorry to put a damper in your criminal activities. I know you will be able to continue your theivery but at least this way you will have to change some things...You might want to get your own pictures as well. I mean you are really racking up the charges. Karma is something you dont want to mess with and one day I assure you she will come for you.

Scam Story

Adam Wales, email of inquired about my advertisement for BL puppies on the web. Said he would send cashiers check. Said he lived in Nova Scotia. Wanted a male. I sent him pictures. He said when I receive the cashier's check, notify him and someone will come pick up the dog.

Four days letter UPS delivers a cashiers check for $3,800. the asking price was $1,500. I called the bank the check was drawn on and they said it was fraudulent. I scanned it and sent the check to the bank and they confirmed the check was fraudulent .

Adam also had a delivery service, JOHN MELTROSE of AIM LAKESHIPPER who wanted me to contact them to have them come pick up the puppy.

They got nothing, I got a bad cashier's check and the puppies will rest well tonight where they belong.

He is still doing this and others should beware.

From Scammer

Thanks for the mail and your interest toward our puppies. They are
still available for adoption to any family prepare to provide them with
enough care and love, were they will be well spoiled with love and care
and also provide them with all their needs and also be the light of the
family . We have 3 English Bulldog puppies left called Della ,Jossie and
Spike,The male is Spike while the Females are Della and Jossie they are both 12 weeks-3 days old .They will cost you just 200$ Re homing fee .They are pure breed English Bulldog puppies,AKC registered, vet check, updated in all shots.they are potty
trained, good associate of kids and other house hold pets also very
Energetic an eager to learn. They are intelligent, independent and
courageous. Quick to determine where they fits in a household's
"pack."Good companionship and friendly towards new people.
My reason for giving them out on adoption and also for such a cheap price is because i don t want to sell my puppies .Also i am some how too busy with my job so i have little or no time to care for the puppies which really hurts me so all i am in search for them is a home willing to show them that Quality love and care .They would come together with records and training, and all their AKC registration papers attached to their package with lots of play toys . You have nothing to worry about Feeding because I will also attach their hand book and the menu of care to their delivery package . Can you assure and promise me that you would shower the pup or pups with lots of TLC. they have their proper
veterinary check ups,worming's and took the following vitamins....3V-Caps for
development of Skin and Coat,NEW Glycol-Flex Stage 1 for Development
of Joints ,They will be transported with the following:

  1. A 200 series travel kennel (29" L x 19" W x 18" H), Airline approved.
  2. Health certificate and avid micro-chip form.
  3. Updated and current shot and worming records.
  4. 32 Oz. Play toys they will be accompanied with a Health Guarantee

as well as one Hereditary Congenital Defect license
are available,pedigree certificate,And I would not want my babies should end up in a shelter or rescue., Feel free to mail me ..
We would like to ask you some few questions if you do not mind.

  1. ... Are you a breeder ?
  2. ... Have you had pets ( dogs ) before ?
  3. ... Do you have children?
  4. ... How soon do you need them ?
  5. ... where exactly are you located ?
  6. ... Can you please provide your cell phone number for easy communication since we would prefer to talk to the person having one of our puppies directly ?
  7. Which of the puppies are you interested in adopting ? Can you let us have the name of the puppy or puppies you are interested in ?

We would really appreciate if you can answer our questions above truthfully since we consider the information you will provide very essential for us before considering a new home for our puppies .
If you do have any questions , do ask us and you shall get an answer .
Thanks and expecting your response

From Puppy Looker

I Googled free Great Dane Puppies. I was emiled back by someone claiming to be in London for his Grandmothers funeral. He/she kept emailing me and telling me in 4-hours he could ship me a puppy and since his add said free he asked if I could pay 900 pounds. Or how much was I willing to pay. I had my doubts right away and send an email telling him I had found a local breeder etc. I was about to be scammed and reported it to the Trade Commissioner as a complaint. Don't look for Free any thing especially a pure bred ever ever. I was actually very scared because my email included my office address. Do not use your email have another email set up when looking to communicate on the internet.

For more information about the puppies contact us via only for lovely and caring homes.they come with all their health papers and they will fill your home with love and attention.

i am glad to read from you regarding my puppies and i am very sorry
for the late reply.They are Akc registered and will make a very good
house hold pet and a great companion. I am giving them out for
adoption only to a good and loving home .The reason why i am given
this puppies out is because i do not have enough time for them .They
are very sensitive Weshi Puppies and portray the following:-
They eat 2 times Daily and have adapted to that.They are very humble
and take to order like when you order them to lie down.They are Micro
Chipped-Hand Fed,DNA tested and USDA Standard.They are potty trained
and get along well with kids and other house pets..
The Puppies like kisses ..that makes them get more adapted to you.
The puppies would come along side their crates ,clothing and Blankets for Cold.
Note we are Christians...
But before we go deeply about the puppies,i would like to know more
about you and your family like:
Are you Married?and with kids?
How is the nature of your job?
Would you take both puppies?
Why do you want a puppy(s) at this time?
Are you a Christian?

With all the information above,i would be able to know more about you
and the home that my puppies would be going to.Attached to this email
are their recent pictures hope you adore them ..
Please email me back with all the information so that we proceed.
Thanks and God Bless.


Afternoon Mavis,

Thank you very much for your reply.

To answer your every valid questions, I can see that you are very much an animal lover as are my wife and I, I can also see our new family addition, our baby girl, has inherited this trait from us as well as she loves our 3 cats, but, unfortunately, the feeling in not mutual as they always scurry away and this is why I need a more tolerant companion for her.

As can be seen in my reply, I am married and have been happily for 3 years now, my wife and I have been together for 10 years and have copied my wife in on the mail as well.

Reasons for me wanting a puppy is it will be my baby girls birthday on the 2nd December, she is turning 1 and would love for her to grow up with a loving companion and protector, additionally, we have just bought a house with a huge garden and at times feel edgy with noises.

Both my wife and I have fulltime jobs as is needed now days to run a household as well as providing the best for our baby girl, however, our girl is at home everyday with our domestic, she have been with us for 10 years, additionally, with this being said, we are home at latest 15:00 everyday so as to spend as much time with our baby girl and hopefully her new friends, I am 30 and my wife 27 and are Christians, we are not party people and spend all our time at home or visiting my wife parents next door swimming and playing with their dogs. We are also not going on holiday this December either and will be home for the full month so as to welcome our new friends and help them settle.

I originally was only looking for 1 puppy, BUT, my heart turned to jelly when looking for a puppy and most adverts said there were 2 puppies, brother and sister who were very close, and I thought I could not break them apart, so yes, if they are both up for adoption, I would prefer to take them both.

Please could you attach the pictures as they did not come through on your mail

I hope I have answered all your questions

Looking forward to you reply.


Hello dear,
i am sorry for the late response to your mail. I must confess i am
just so happy to get such a reply from you..They are just 12 weeks
old.My job is first of all a problem. I work all day and i have no one
to take care of them. The puppies are located in my small compound in
Botswana so if you can come for view and pick up fine but if not
then you don't need to worry yourself. They will be delivered to
you without any problem or stress. i will make all necessary
arrangements such as preparation of the change of ownership paper,
registration for him for delivery and other little arrangements and as
soon as all is set then you will have them delivered to you, well
also do promise me that you will be sending to me monthly updated
pictures to know how they are doing and i will be very happy about it.
well they will be coming with all registration paper works. if that
is okay you then i will like you to get back to me with your full
contact address so that i start right away with the delivery
arrangements such as..

Your Full Names

Your City

Your Home Address

Your Post Code

Your Phone Number

Well everything will cost you just R1500 with delivery fee inclusive. if that
is okay by you then get back to me asap so that i can start with the

Awaiting your respond



Good morning Mavis,

Thank you for your reply, he looks so cute and gorgeous, I must however ,if I may, please ask a few questions. You mentioned there were two puppies?

Do you have pictures of both puppies together?
Are costs for both puppies?
What are their sexes?
Are you an USDA registered breeder? Is so can I get your details so as to search APHIS?
Who will deliver the puppies? - I cannot bring myself to courier animals and cannot travel to collect
Registration papers need to be signed?
Chips need to be updated as well?

Before I go into questions, I have to ask the below to qualify

In this day in age, fraud is rife and I would like to know if payment can be effective after delivery. I work in the internet and security fraud department at Standard Bank and trace these things on a daily basis to catch fraudsters, scrutinize everything in the process as there are so many instances were these things happen and if this has stemmed down to animal fraud „trafficking‰ then I do not know where this world is going to.

Can I have you permission to trace this email address for the signed up user?

When looking for the puppies I specifically searched for Gauteng Johannesburg location and was linked to your advert amongst others, with a map directing me to the Alberton aria where I would travel to to collect and shake hands, now, you mention a compound in Botswana, additionally, the posting is for free adoption. 98% of detected and investigated internet and mail fraud advertise free handling, adoption, ect. And mention that they are Christians as well, I am sorry but I have been trained in this and my flag is raised instantly. I am familiar with the Animal Welfare act.

Registration and deliver I do know come at a costs as I was also linked to Labrador puppies in newcastle for R 2000 .00.

I have no problem with paying but I must have them in my hands first

I do apologies if I am coming across as rude or investigative,

I await your response, so as to make my decision

now the crickets started sounding and never heard from them again

A woman named Elizabeth Jimenez, claimed to have 2 Teacup Yorkies for adoption, because she was leaving where she stayed in Texas to go to England on some missionary work. She claimed to be a pastor, and after we sent her a message of interest in the Yorkies, she emailed us promptly asking a lot of questions. Anyway after that she said she could fly the dogs to us using a charter service. She gave us the number for this company "sSkyline Airfreight Cargo Pet Movers" which we did research on in the better business bureau, which checked out a reputable company. So we trusted her after that. Anyway they asked us to forward payment via Western Union for the dogs to reach to us. Well soon after, they sent us an email stating that they shipped the dogs to Virginia, however we live in the Virgin Islands. We called their number (which was from Nigeria) and they proceeded to tell us that they needed more money for insurance purposes. Anyway after that we immediately realised we had been scammed and I hope this does not happen to any one else.

Greetings There,
Thanks for the mail and interest in the puppies. They are 13 weeks old
. They are our darling angel. We
love them so much but its unfortunate that we cant even give them the
love and affection we have in our hearts for them. They are potty
trained and are vet checked.All the puppies are registered and will be
coming with all its documents that will be needed for their adoption
such as their Transfer of Owner Ship Documents,Adoption and Birth
Certificates as well as Pedigrees.I am making the puppies available
so that I could concentrate to take care of the young ones so that
they will be as healthy and pretty as the present ones.So I hope that
you will do the best in making your home a perfect place for
them.Meanwhile,for detail purposes,I will like to find out:
Where you are located?
How many of the puppies you would like to get?
Do you have kids?
Do you have any experience with puppies?
Are you a breeder or will you breed in the future if i let you have them?
Will you send us updates about them from time to time and pictures?
I am just being concerned about the type of home they will be going to
,so that is why i am curious to know. We love them so much and we want
to make sure they go to a family that will show them the affection
they deserve. that.These puppies come with a health record, shots,
all papers, health
guarantee and care directives.They have never been ill. Would prefer
someone who is going to give them the best home and care. I want them
to go to a loving home.They are healthy and very smart and does well
with other home pets.They come with a huge crate and toys.. .
I want to Adopt my babies only within if you would take really
good care of them then i would be willing to give you these babies.
they are the ones in the pictures in order for you not to doubt the
babies i attach some photos of them for you to if you would be
interested in taking the babies for adoption then i would be waiting
to read from you soonest.

Hello,I am happy to know that you are interested in providing a home for abulldog puppy. We still have 3 puppies available so pleasesee them on out web page Kelly Bulldog Jack, Jerry andBrendy are the last three i have left,Jack is very sweet,laid back and cuddly.He has been hand raisewith children and has a great energy to play from AM to PM.He is thickand has a beautiful walking style.His vaccinations are all up to date& he is health guaranteed. On most occasions he would rather sit inthe lap of his owner than join in the play of other dogs. If a pricewhere to be awarded for companionship, the winner would surely beJack. he is totally forgiving and loving when it comes to humans. heis actually a great boy.Jerry is outgoing,playful and happy to make friends.More than withany other puppy dog, his character and personality is oftenmisunderstood. Even his intelligence is sometimes questioned. Hisnatural protectiveness is probably
most manifest in his behaviortowards small children or animals. His natural Propensity to defendthe smaller ones makes him sometimes intervene even when any of mykids get told off by me or my partner. Of course, like in all litters,individual pups differ greatly, he is not lazy couch potatoes ofbreed. His faithfulness, his stubbornness, his protectiveness anddevotions to his loved ones is what you will like him for.Brendy is not only from a home where she is very use to kids but sheis also extremely healthy and has a great nature lovelypersonality.She has great conformation with her rose ears,lowset,spike tail,beautiful shape head,flashy coat and wonderful thickbody type.It's no doubt that her excellent quality and type is aresult of her outstanding personality which stands the best of all ourpuppies. she tend to be a little aloof or disinterested with otherdogs but crave the attention and approval of her owner and family.Part of her charm is that she looks so tough but are
n't at all. She isbrave to the extreme and will try to guard and defend her owner if shethinks he/she is being threatened.There are a few issues which I will like to make you understandbefore we proceed;1st. I do NOT place our puppies in homes where they will just bebreeding and making money without love and care giving to them likewhat I do or even more.2nd. we do NOT let our puppies go to homes where they would live outside!3rd. We will NOT place our puppies with anyone who has any history ofchild or animal abuse!!4th. All of our new puppy owners must take time to educate themselveson how to properly care for their unique new puppy.5th.Last but not the list, we will probably turn down homes that havea large number of other dogs. As long as you can make us understandthat you will share the love in your homes with these puppies, we willconsider placing the puppy of your choice to your home, regardless ofyour location, even if you are not located within a drivingdistance,we d
o consider shipping as an option.About the general temperament of all three puppies They Conveysimpression of determination, strength and activity. Alert, bold,loyal, dependable, courageous, fierce in appearance, but possessed ofaffectionate nature. Courageous (not vicious or aggressive), anddemeanor should be pacific and dignified. These attributes should becountenanced by the expression and behavior. Please get back to mewith your choice of puppy amongst all three and i shall advice you onthe next step to take towards getting the puppyin your home as soon as possible.The are all 11-12 weeks old.Eachpuppy will cost $460.00.Where you located as well.Thank you once againand have a wonderful time.

Hello, thank for the mail regarding my babies. I am totally dedicated to my puppies, they share my home with us and are considered family before anything else. My puppies are raised in our home, under foot and showered with lot of love and attention every day. My babies are born into our hands. We don't breed them because of the health issues they can have. But we do have them from time to time. All of my babies are well socialized, family-loved, and receive lots of individual care from the time they are born into my hands until they go home into your arms. All of my babies receive regular vet check-ups and will have received the appropriate vaccinations for their age. My babies receive de-worming at 2-4-6-8- and 10 weeks. I provide complete medical records and a year written health guarantee. We want our â??Babiesâ? to go to loving homes where they will be pampered and receive all the care and attention they deserve. Each of
our puppies cost $180 including transportation. We don't sale to breeders or pet stores. We love our babies and hope that each person that gets a puppy from us will remain in contact and share pictures and stories as your pup grows. These puppies are coming from Victoria Cameroon. So i will like to ask you this few question.

  1. Have you ever owned a puppy before?.....................................................
  2. Where do you live? House? Apartment? other?.....................................................
  3. Do you have other dogs?....................If so, what kind and how many?.....................................................
  4. Where do you and or your spouse work?.....................................................
  5. How many hours per day would the puppy be left alone,.....................................................if any?.....................................................
  6. When you do leave the dog, where will he/her be left? Inside? Outside? Explain more.....................................................
  7. Do you have children?.....................................................What age?.....................................................
  8. Where will your puppy sleep at night?.....................................................
  9. Are you interested in showing your puppy?.....................................................
  10. Do you have a preference in sex and why?.....................................................
  11. Are you willing to spay or neuter your puppy?.....................................................
  12. Do everyone in your home be fully committed to the adoption of a new puppy?
  13. Where are you located.....................................................?
  14. What about if you know any good vet in your area...................................................?
  15. Are you interested in Max , Chico or Nina ........................................?
  16. Can you afford the delivery cost of $180 per puppy...................................................?

Please also assure me that you will take good care of my puppy and that you will give all what the puppy deserve. i will be waiting for your mail asap.

Like the other report featured on this page, I was also solicited by the same scam. After receiving a call via relay for the hearing impaired, I was asked to send more pictures of my puppies. The following e-mail is what I received in return. What I would like to add though is that I researched the shipping company and found it to be based out of Nigeria. These people, whoever they are, are extremely persistent.


Thanks for getting back to me,I will like to inform you that am purchasing the puppy as a birthday present for my son,I will be very much happy if you consider the puppy sold to me.

The reason I am sending you this email is to make final reconfirmation of puppy *which is ok by me,and also to let you know that payment will be by certified cashier's check or money order. In view of this I need you to email me any information that may be required to send the payment as I do not want to send the check or money order to a wrong location lest they get into the wrong hands.

Regarding the shipping, I have a company that takes care of the pickup of my consignments for me and ship to my destination in VERMONT anywhere in the U.S.A., you do not worry about shipping, the company will send down a representative to
arrange the sales documentation and the pick up from your end for onward transfer to my destination.

I also want to alert you on the fact that you will be receiving an overdraft check, which will cover the money for the pickup (pickup and shipping to the final destination) as well as the money to be paid to the company that will take care of the pickup and the documentation with you. So please, as soon as you receive the payment, go and cash it immediately, deduct the money that accrues to you, and send the balance to the Head Office of the company that handles the shipment via Western union.Th e check will be in your name to make it easier for you to receive payment, please reconfirm your details one more time .I will give you the details of the company that will be shipping the puppy as soon as we seal this deal.Once the money is received by the agent , the shipping agent will contact you immediately to arrange the documentation as well as the pick up immediately. So in view of the above, here are some of the details I will need for final issuanceof the check or
money order to you.

  1. Full Name
  2. Mailing address, no please
  3. your direct telephone number both home and cell.?
  4. Acceptance of my offer
  5. Final asking price

Once you get back to me with all the above, the check or money order will be issued out immediately and it will be sent to you .Hope to hear from you immediately .Looking forward to your swift response I will also be offering you extra $50 for keeping puppy. for me till the shipper comes for the pick up..NB, I will be looking forward to your swift response

I saw an ad in the paper saying the person had to give up their puppies immediately because of their job and I replied to it:


I saw your ad in the paper regarding free puppies. I would love to adopt one. please send me more information.

From Scammer

Good day,
Thanks for the mail and thank God for this wonderful day he has provided for us.To begin ,Brandon is a handsome guy and Skylie is a beautiful girl.Both puppies are 12 weeks of age.This are purebred yorkie puppies.The puppies are 1.5-2.5lbs in size and will be about 3.5-4lbs when fully grown. fast learner and very intelligent.The puppies are house broken, potty trained both out side and inside and very friendly to children and other pets.They are also current with all his shots (Distemper,Para Influenza, Boratella, Parvo and Hepatitis,Rabies shots etc) and will come along with all vet papers and all toys.Many people are seeking to adopt our puppies but we can not afford to give them to any person unless we are very sure that he or she can take proper care of any.We are willing to separate them .We dont feel comfortable selling them .All we need for them is much love and care .

Where are you located?
Have you had any before?
Are you a God loving person and how can we be assured that
you will take good care of our lovely babies?.

We are sorry for asking many questions , we just want to be very sure about who we will be adopting our babies to.Hope you understand.We hope to read from you .This cute babies are still available and we pray that they will move into a good home .We will miss them very much but our job is so demanding and we dont have much time to take proper care of them.We hope to read from you .Have a nice day
Dr Wood B A

Be strong in prayers and Hold firmly to your faith and Jesus Christ will always guide you through.
Faith is not believing that God can.It is knowing that God will.
Always P.U.S.H. meaning Pray Until Something Happens


My name is Melissa.

I am located in Illinois, in a small town. I have had a pekingese puppy before. He was born in 1998 and he passed away in 2003 from an air borne disease. Actually, all the dogs in our neighbor contracted it. His name was Prince and he was great in everyway. He was well known at the Vet and groomers.

I am a very God loving person and my daughter is in school for Ministry. I have no small children just me and my husband. Our jobs are different shifts, and one of us will always be home. we have a fenced in yard, so be assured the puppy will have room to play and people to love.

From Scammer

Thanks for the mail.I knew that by the grace of God our babies were going to make it into a caring home.The laws here in Spain are quite different from the laws in the states and so the transfer of ownership papers must be done here if not the Spanish custom authorities at the airport will not allow the puppy to to be shipped out of Spain .We are willing to separate the puppies if you only want one.I will be shipping from the Barcelona international airport.All we will need is the change of ownership papers and so we can book a flight for any of the puppies. The certificate for the change of ownership is a legal document that certifies that the puppies have been transferred to your ownership and care.The change of ownership papers will cost $50 for each and $100 for both.If you are ready we can have the papers done today and so we have any ship to you by evening or tomorrow morning depending on when the papers will be signed at the ministry of Livestock and Animals Trans

We will require the following information and so we can fill on the transfer of ownership papers:

-your full names
-Home address
-The names of the closest Airport to your Home
-We will also need Your phone number because the airlines will call to notify you as soon as the puppies arrives.

.We will use the Delta Cargo or air Europa Cargo because there are very efficient in pets transportation and they always insure pets before shipping .They also offers home delivery services but you will have to pay an extra $50 if you will want the puppy to be delivered to your door steps.They also have well trained vet specialist that will take proper care of pets during flight.As soon as you are ready to wire the money let me know and so we can have things started .You can call me using my universal satellite cell phone number +2288475919 cal the number just as it appears making sure you include the + sign. We hope to read from you.God bless you

We are happy to read from you again.We knew from our prayers that God was going to make a good choice for Babies.We are happy to read from you once more.we have attached pictures of Brandon and Skylie to this mail.We are also very happy to know that you are pet lovers and can take good care of our puppies,we were just scared because we have read about some

people that maltreat animals for pleasure in the name of bloody dog fight games.My family and i have just relocated to the Spanish city called Barcelona ,we work for the Baptist Mission and our job is so demanding living us with no time to take good care of our babies .They will each come along with all vet papers and a one year health guarantee.All we need for them is much love and care.We dont feel comfortable selling them but If you are willing to take care of the change of ownership papers let us know and we will ship them to you.Or better still you can travelle to Spain and pick up the puppies in person.If you dont feel comfortable to take any let me know immediately and so i can adopt them to another family.We are willing to separate them.We hope to read from you.Have a nice day.GOD BLESS YOU.
Dr Wood B A

Be strong in prayers and Hold firmly to your faith and Jesus Christ will always guide you through.
Faith is not believing that God can.It is knowing that God will.
Always P.U.S.H. meaning Pray Until Something Happens

I caught on that this was a scam before I sent any money, I just want to let everyone know that this scam is out there so not as many people fall for it. I saw in my local paper 2 free english bulldog puppies, 1 male and 1 female. I contacted the scammer at and this was his first message:

"Greetings to you from the house of the lord,

How are you today, hope fine? thanks for your urgent response and interest in taking and creating a good home and care for our babies and i hope their save will be fine with you. My adorable English Bulldog (puppies) are still very much available for adoption. they are 16weeks old, the male named (spark) weigh 16.5 pounds and the female named (Slimmy) weigh 17.5 pounds and will weigh big when fully grown. they are both A K C registered and shots are given up to date. both of them are my darling sweetheart and super spoiled! They both have a sweet personality and loves to play and be carried around. I want you to know that i and my family(my wife and 3 kids are on a missionary trip to west africa)along with the 2 English Bulldog Puppies.So later on we notice that the weather here in africa is very very bad for the puppies to sustain here with us on the missionary trip.So my wife and I decided to ask one of our friend in state to help us put the advert of the newspaper that we
are looking for someone to adopt our babies to state back.I am very glad that you are willing to take care of them and provide them a good and wonderfull home.

Please take note that we should have ask our friend that assist us to place the advert on the paper to adopt our babies.But he is a very busy man,he does not have time to spend with the puppies.So that is why he has to put the advert on the paper.

All papers will accompany the puppies when shipped to you, Due to our long staying over here in africa , and the bad weather my Wife and I have concluded to get good home and care for our babies. We are not charging or selling them to you for money but to save thier lifes saved and care for them so this means that, you and i will be paying for the shipment of the puppies to you. they are VET checked, but right now we are in Africa on a Christian mission with my wife and 3 kids together with slimmy and spark , we have the puppies right here with us.

We are going to ship to you via a Diplomatic Courier Service Company with Express Delivery on next day delivery, if you are really interested in having my little babies, i want you to get back to me with the below information of yours.

Your Full Name :
Your Mailing Address:
Your Tel #:
The Nearest Airport To You:

Provide me with the above details of yours to proceed in the shippment of the puppies to you.Please if you know that you are not capable of taking very good care of my babies, do not reply me because i am giving them out because of bad condition and we're spending months for the christain mission and i don't want slimmy and spark to die in this bad weather. And because we don't have time to take care of them due to the missionary work before us here. They are priceless to me,therefore i am giving both for free, so i will like you to get back to me with your full name and full address including your nearest airport so that i can find out shipping cost, I want you to know that you and i are paying for the shipping cost.The shipping company is just 5-10mins drive.

So i will want you to email me now to know if you are ready to take the babies from us and give them a good home and also i want you to know that you and i will be sharing the shippment fare of the puppies back to you in the state as soon as i find out the cost.

I've attached pics of Spark and pics of Slimmy.

Thanks and God bless you,

My reply:
My name is .... and I am on a fixed income because I am disabled so I wont be able to afford a large shipping fee. I live in ... Michigan, we have an airport here, but I dont know if the puppy would be able to come to that airport. The next closest airport to me would be the one in the ... Michigan. If you can't find anything on those two airports you could try the airport in ... Michigan. My mailing address is ..... and my telephone number is ..... and my cell phone number is ...

His reply:
Dear ... ,

Thanks for the response and i am very sorry for the late reply back,I was very busy.I got the shippment fee of the 2 puppies to you and it was 300 ,so we both pay 150 each.Please email me back so i can direct you on how to make the payment and further the delivery of the puppies to you asap.Note that the puppies will be deliver to your door step and your airport depend on the one you prefer.I want you to know that the shippment take 2 days.

God bless you.

My reply:
Is that 150 for both puppies? So the only amount I have to pay would be 150?

His reply:
Yes you are correct , You will have to pay 150 and I will also pay 150 to get both puppies ship to you today. Please let me know if i can email you how to make the payment of the 150. God bless you. Robin.

My reply:
Okay yeah, let me know how you plan on doing it and im going to look up the best way to do just because we are doing this over the internet and there are alot of scams out there and I just want to be safe. Im not trying to call you a scammer or anything like that, I just want to be sure that Im not going to regret this. lol

He then called me on my cell phone to try to reasure me that I wasnt being scammed.

His reply:
Hello ... ,

Thanks for the response.Nice speaking with you on the phone , I am very very excited that finally our babies have to good home with you.I also really understand how you fee in your last email , So that even make me call you to know this is not scam.

I will go and pay the 150 to add up to the $150 you will have to pay as your own part .You sound so caring and i am willing to give my puppies to you.

As soon as you transfer the $150.00 to the shipping company, you'll email me with the transfer details so they can receive the money. Then they can ship out the puppies to the destination provided by you. The shipping company will email you the shippment code which will enable you to pick up the puppies. Also they'll notify you as soon as the puppies arrived.

Below the shipper's transfer informations for you to make the trasnfer of US$150 via Western Union.

You can send payments to:

Receiver;s First Name : Tom
Receiver's Last Name : Daniel
Address : 21 Wallace Str.
City: Isolo
State: Lagos
Zipcode: 23401
Country: Nigeria.
Text Question : Who is the greatest ?
Answer : God.

As soon as you have the transfer done, you can email me and provide them with the money transfer informations.

You'll need to email ne with below information as soon as you have the transfer done.

Security question:

As soon as you email me with transfer details, they will have the shipment fee paid fully and shipment will be activated.If the shipping company have the full 600 today,they will also have the puppies to you today and in the next 2 days you will have the puppies deliver to you.

I want you to know that i contacted the shipping company about receiving the payment on COD maybe that will be easy for you and reliable ,but they told me that they do not deal that way,That the need the full payment to activate the shippment of the puppies to you . So the advice that you should try your possible best to make the payment by Western Union to the above information of the shipper in charge.So right now every thing is set and the shippment is almost ready to be activated,Just need the payment to make it happen.


Rev. Robin.

He then emailed me three times before I could reply and called me once.

Hello ... ,

Thanks for the response.Nice speaking with you on the phone , I am very very excited that finally our babies have to good home with you.I also really understand how you fee in your last email , So that even make me call you to know this is not scam.

I will go and pay the 150 to add up to the $150 you will have to pay as your own part .You sound so caring and i am willing to give my puppies to you.

As soon as you transfer the $150.00 to the shipping company, you'll email me with the transfer details so they can receive the money. Then they can ship out the puppies to the destination provided by you. The shipping company will email you the shippment code which will enable you to pick up the puppies. Also they'll notify you as soon as the puppies arrived.

Below the shipper's transfer informations for you to make the trasnfer of US$150 via Western Union.

You can send payments to:

Receiver;s First Name : Tom
Receiver's Last Name : Daniel
Address : 21 Wallace Str.
City: Isolo
State: Lagos
Zipcode: 23401
Country: Nigeria.
Text Question : Who is the greatest ?
Answer : God.

As soon as you have the transfer done, you can email me and provide them with the money transfer informations.

You'll need to email ne with below information as soon as you have the transfer done.

Security question:

As soon as you email me with transfer details, they will have the shipment fee paid fully and shipment will be activated.If the shipping company have the full 300 today,they will also have the puppies to you today and in the next 2 days you will have the puppies deliver to you.

I want you to know that i contacted the shipping company about receiving the payment on COD maybe that will be easy for you and reliable ,but they told me that they do not deal that way,That the need the full payment to activate the shippment of the puppies to you . So the advice that you should try your possible best to make the payment by Western Union to the above information of the shipper in charge.So right now every thing is set and the shippment is almost ready to be activated,Just need the payment to make it happen.


Rev. Robin.

Please diregard the first email with the information i make a mistake i resend the email again.Thanks very much for the understanding.Robin.

I contacted a person who was selling puppies on the internet on a local web site. And I asked if they were local that I can come and see them. They said No and they referred me to the web site I talked to a person called "Tony" This is the first of many emails I received from him:

thanks for the mail and the interest you have on our puppies,
we are located in Arkansas
they are still available and they are teacup size puppies
which of them do you need?
you can check on our web site
just let us to know the name of the one you will be needing.
each puppy cost $250 and $100 for shipping
thanks and waiting"

I have kept ALL emails from him and that I sent to him. I did some searches and and checked with the Better Business Bureau and found nothing. So I made a decision to go with them. They were booking the shipping with their shipper "Crown Pet Shippers" I have kept all those emails also. Where I went wrong was I trusted him, BIG mistake I believe. I wanted to make my payment on Visa cause then I had some insurance and oh their visa machine was down, "Please do it by Western Union. Send it to the following:

N.B: You are expected to make the payment via WESTERN UNION to our Manager.

CITY:................. EDEA
ZIP CODE:......... 00237

AND then I find out it was to go to Cameroon. Never hearing about that place before I assumed (will never do again) it was another city. Hooked, they had me. I transferred $350 plus admin fees. The Puppy was on her way HAHA

Received an email then that they needed $1015.00 for insurance but I will get the full amount back when the yorkie is delivered to my house. I questioned myself, I questioned the prior owner Tony, I questioned the shipper. If I didn't send it the pup would be put into quarantine for 6 months. I buckled and sent the money again to Cameroon.

The puppy gets to South Dakota and his vaccines were not up to date to come into Canada. They want another $645.00 I said, "No I'm done". That is the responsibility of Tony. I contacted Tony and he says he went out and paid that and the puppy was on her way.
The next day I received this email :


With heart felt feelings we wish to inform you that your puppy passed away today afternoon. The dog caught a deadly disease because the vaccines that were administered became less effective due to the long stay at our services. We are really sorry about this, but according to our rules and regulations, we will have to refund all the money you spent with an extra compensation for the lost of your puppy. We will be having a board meeting in regards to your refunds.

Expect and e-mail or call from our refunds department soonest.

We extend our condolences for the lost of your puppy (Tag: DIVA).


End letter...

I have received a refund Proposal from them and because the puppy had passed away they will send me $11,500.00 . BUT I had to read their terms and conditions make any changes and get back to them. Most of the conditions were fine except:

  1. Wanting a copy of my drivers license
  2. I had to pay the transfer fees.

I changed those conditions and emailed them back . I got a phone call saying "NO YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ALL CONDITIONS OR NO MONEY" So it is their way or no way!
I am still emailing everyday to both the owner Tony and the Crown Pet Shippers.

DON'T fall for those cute puppies buy one in your area that you can go and See! Pay a little more and get a REAL puppy.

This scam story was sent to Dog Breed Info. For those of you reading this, there was no puppy. This was a common scam. Do not fall for it.