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Mi-Ki Pictures

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A brown with white Mi-Ki puppy is laying on a furry tan dog bed and looking up.

"Beautiful chocolate smooth-coat puppy." Photo courtesy of Paddington's Mi-Kis

A wide-eyed brown Mi-ki puppy is laying on a recliner chair covered in a baby blue blanket. There is a baby-blue zebra plush toy in front of it and a brown and baby- blue rabbit plush toy in the corner behind it.

"I am a long-coat Mi-Ki and I think I'm gorgeous. My ears were down at eight weeks then around four months they went up, about seven months they decided to go back down, I think they are down to stay now. I was excited when getting my photo taken so my ears were somewhat up in this photo. So in case you wanted a certain ear type keep in mind the ears could change later."  Photo courtesy of Paddington's Mi-Kis

A tan Mi-ki puppy and a brown Mi-ki puppy are laying on their sides belly to belly on a white knit blanket.

Newborn Mi-Ki puppies—"These babies are considered solid and are rare colors." Photo courtesy of Paddington's Mi-Kis

View from the top looking down - A brown with white and black long coat Mi-ki puppy is standing in grass and looking up.

This cutie was photographed looking up at the camera, and is a good example of how the tail of the Mi-Ki cascades over its back. Photo courtesy of Donna Hall of Flyers Mi-Ki Kennel, The Mi-Ki Club of America, Inc.

A white with black long coat Mi-ki is sitting on a pink pillow on a brown wicker chair with a blue and black ribbon behind it. There is a vine plant off to the right of the chair.

Asia's Blue Angel won Best of Breed June 17, 2000 at the United Kennel Club Rare Breed Exhibition. Photo courtesy of the International Mi-Ki Registry

View from the side - A small bat-eared white with brown Mi-ki puppy is sitting on a blue backdrop.

Prince at 7 weeks old with his first trim, photo courtesy of the International Mi-Ki Registry

A white with black Mi-ki dog is sitting on a blue blanket in front of a blue backdrop.

King taking it easy in his easy chair, photo courtesy of the International Mi-Ki Registry