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Newfoundland / Poodle Mixed Breed Dogs

Information and Pictures

View from above looking down at a thick, soft, wavy coated black with white dog looking up with his dark eyes looking forward with his head turned to the left.

Mello the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) at 8 months old—"This is Mello at 8 months after his first real haircut. Mello is very friendly but doesn't know how big he really is."

Other Names
  • Newdle
  • Newfie-Doodle
  • Newfiedoo
  • Newfiepoo
  • Newfiedoodle
  • Newfydoodle
  • Newfoundlandpoo
  • Newfoundlandoodle
  • Poofoundland

The Newfypoo is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Newfoundland and the Poodle. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.

  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • IDCR = International Designer Canine Registry®
A brown and white Newfypoo is standing on a jungle gym at a park. It is turning its head looking back at the camera.

Olaf the chocolate and white Newfypoo at 7 months old at the playground

Close up - A shaved black Newfypoo is standing in grass and looking to the left. It has longer hair on its tail and ears. There is a gray house and a body of water behind it.

Remi the black Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) at 1 year old-"Remi is my Newfypoo who I affectionately refer to as a Goofypoo. He is playful, intelligent, and loving. He has always been calm, even as a puppy, and loves to nap just as much as he loves to play. He is incredibly social and loves people and dogs! He enjoys swimming in the summer and playing in the snow during the winter. He would stay outside all day during the winter but doesn’t do well in the summer heat. His look changes dramatically based on how short his hair is cut. He looks great with long shaggy hair but is normally trimmed pretty short to keep him cleaner and cooler especially during the summer."

A wavy-coated, black long haired Newfypoo dog is sleeping on a black leather couch with its head on top of two pillows.

Remi the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) at 1 year old taking a nap on the couch.

Front view - A black long haired Newfypoo is sitting in deep snow and it is covered in snow.

Remi the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) at 10 months old in the snow.

Close Up view from the top looking down - A black long haired Newfypoo is jumped up with its front paws up on a rock looking up.

Remi the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) as a 3-month-old puppy.

A brown wavy, long haired Newfypoo is standing in a doorway with its front paws on a brown hardwood floor and back paws on a tan tiled floor and its mouth is open and tongue is out. Its head is tilted to the left and its tongue is showing.

Hugo the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) at 1 1/2 years old, bred by Big Doodle Pups-"Hugo is the sweetest most lovable dog! He is a big, silly boy who loves to cuddle, chase a ball and run and leap. He loves to stand on his hind legs and greet his family with the best doodle hugs ever! He doesn't shed, has a calm disposition, is a polite boy and brings our family such joy! Hugo truly defines gentle giant and just senses when his size could hurt someone. My son wrestles with him all the time and when my son broke his collarbone Hugo did not jump on him once. He laid with him until he healed and the second my son returned home with his sling off he just knew it was okay to wrestle him again. Smart boy!"

A man is lifting up a brown, shaggy, long haired Newfypoo dog and holding it in his arms. The dog is larger than the human and looks like a huge teddy bear.

Hugo the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) at 9 months old looks like Chubaka from Star Wars! Hugo was bred by Big Doodle Pups.

Front view upper body shot - A longhaired, wavy-coated, brown Newfypoo dog is sitting in front of a brown leather couch. The fur on his snout is lighter in color than the fur on his body. The dog's lips are brown and shiny.

Hugo the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) at 2 years old, bred by Big Doodle Pups

Close up - A brown wavy-coated, blue-eyed Newfypoo puppy is wearing a blue bandanna sitting on a tan carpet.

Hugo the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix) as a 3 month old puppy, bred by Big Doodle Pups

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