The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

Dogs Named Abbey

A standard black Poodle is on a red leash standing on a sidewalk and beginning to turn around. Its mouth is open and tongue is out and its front paw is in the air.

Abbey the black Standard Poodle at 13 months old

A brown brindle with white Frengle is laying on its back in between the arm and body of a person sitting on a couch.

"Abbey is a Frengle (half French Bulldog / half Beagle). She is 10 months old in this picture. She is a very loving, active, fun-loving dog. She is the most popular dog in the dog run (popular with the dogs and people). She has no fear and thinks life is only fun and games. She has no fear and does not know how to get mad. She will run around the park chasing other dogs and wrestling for the full hour and a half that we spend there. She weighs 23 pounds and will play with toy Pomeranians (that weigh nothing) and Great Danes (about 8 times her size). Although she is a very active dog when we are out, at home she loves to snuggle and curl up in the bed with you. I live in New York City (in a tiny apartment) and she goes outside at least 3 times a day (45 minutes in the morning, 1.5 hours after work, and a 10-minute walk before bed). Abbey is a lot of joy to have; my only problem with her would be her chewing or the things she likes to chew. She seems to love to chew leather and fuzzy things. Abbey does not bark at home, only when we are at the dog run and she is trying to get another dog to give her some attention/play with her. Sometimes at night or early in the morning I hear her snort in her sleep. I love the Frengle; you just have to make sure to give them enough exercise."

A white and black with tan Beagle puppy is laying on a tan carpet and chewing a rope toy. There is another toy next to it.

Abbey the Beagle puppy at 9 weeks old