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Dogs Named Jackson

Close up front view - A wrinkly-faced, tan with black Pug puppy is standing in grass looking forward.

Jackson the Pug puppy at 10 weeks old

View from the front - A large breed, white English Setter is standing next to a brick wall pointing forward with its front paw in the air.

Hall's General Jackson the English Setter on point

Right Profile - A short-legged, hound-looking, brown with white Bully Basset is standing on a porch in front of a grill. It has a red toy bone in its mouth.

Jackson the Bully Basset (English Bulldog / Basset Hound mix)"This is our Bully Basset Jackson. He is more affectionately known as “Action Jackson” because that is exactly what he is...full of action. Jackson is extremely loyal and affectionate, but he certainly has a stubborn streak. He loves to play fetch and explore outside. Jackson is quite the head turner. We get so many compliments on how unique he is, and how big his paws are! Jackson thinks every stranger is just a friend he hasn’t met yet. He certainly has a way of communicating exactly what he’s thinking through his facial expressions, and keeps us laughing all day long! We feel so blessed to have a dog that’s so happy and full of life. It is amazing to us just how much a person can love his or her dog! Jackson loves to hide his toys in the corners of rooms, under blankets, and has even gone as far as to bury them under leaves outside. Nothing can separate a Bully Basset from his toys...except food, that is! (1 year, 6 months)"

A small-breed, brown and white Cava-Corgi dog is standing in dirt next to a wooden bench.

Jackson the Cava-Corgi at 4 years old

A chocolate Boykin Spaniel dog is sitting in grass and it is looking forward. It has longer fluffy hair on its long drop ears.

Jackson the Boykin Spaniel, photo courtesy of Pawleys Island Boykins

Close up view from the front - A tan Pugwich puppy is standing on a mat in front of a door looking forward.

"Hi, meet Jackson the Pugwich, shown here as a 2-month-old puppy, weighing about 4 lbs. He is a mix of a Norwich Terrier and Pug. He loves to dig and only barks if he is bored. He is a very active and very smart puppy. He is a hunter and will attack your feet if you’re not careful. I take him outside several times a day so he can run and dig in his favorite areas."

The backside of a black and white Amitola Bulldog standing in grass looking to the left of its body.

Jackson, a black and white male bantam variety Amitola Bulldog shown here at 8 months old

Close Up upper body shot - A wiry-looking, black with tan Airedale Terrier puppy is sitting on a carpet looking forward.

This is Jackson the Airedale Terrier puppy at 9 weeks old.

A black with tan Airedale Terrier is wearing a red, white and blue bandana jumped up at with its front paws on a brick wall looking over the edge. Its mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling.

Jackson the Airedale Terrier at 8 months old

A scruffy-looking, red Goldendoodle puppy is sitting on a red blanket next to a red pillow up on a blue, red and gray plaid couch looking forward.

"Jackson the Goldendoodle at 5 months old looking very innocent (NOT!) has the most adorable little Mohawk on the top of his head which makes him appear a little goofy sometimes, but he has the personality that goes right along with it."

Front side view - A white with black Pakistani Bull Dog puppy is walking down a white and black tiled floor looking forward.

Jackson the Pakistani Bull Dog puppy at 2 months old living in India—"He's a full security dog and very active."

A small, tan with black Puggle Puppy is sitting on a tan carpet wearing a blue bandana with bones on it. Its eyes are glowing blue.

Jackson the Puggle puppy at 2 ½ months

Close up head shot - A black and white photo of a symmetrical face mix breed dog laying on a dog bed.

Jackson, at three years old—his mother was a Springer Spaniel and his father was a Basset Hound.

View from the top looking down - A tan with black German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix is laying on a hardwood floor next to a tan couch.

Jackson the German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois mix as a puppy at 3 months old