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Dogs Named King

A very large, tan with black and white German Shepherd dog is laying on a throw rug with its back end under a coffee table. It is looking forward and its mouth is open.

King the rescue German Shepherd Dog at about 8 or 9 years old

A white Pungsan Dog is sitting in grass and looking to the right. There is a wooden fence behind it.

King the Pungsan Dog, also commonly called the Korean Poongsan or Korean Phungsan, at 8 months old—"Both of King’s parents were imported from Korea. His behaviour is very wolf-like at times. So far, he has a dominant attitude toward other dogs and an extremely high prey drive. He must be exercised minimum one hour twice a day, or he becomes extremely destructive. He is very active and has a lot of stamina and is definitely not suited to a couch-potato lifestyle. He also enjoys digging massive holes and escaping from the yard, so high fences are a must. He has also chewed through a metal dog crate. He is extremely friendly toward all people, and has not yet shown any weariness of humans. He needs an alpha personality to behave and is very responsive to training. He will grow to be about 90 lbs. and very muscular. He is a rewarding companion so long as he is given a positive job to do."

A squinty eyed, fluffy, brown Chow Chow is sitting in mud and there is mud all over its paws. It looks like it is smiling and its mouth is open and black tongue is out. There are pieces of cloth all over the lawn behind it.

"This is King a 3 year old purebred Chow Chow from Tracy's Royal Chow Chows in Ohio. He is a big teddy bear."

Front side view - A wavy-coated silver Sheltidoodle dog is laying in grass looking forward.

King, a silver Sheltidoodle at 1½ years old—"He is just a sweetheart. He is completely gray now and weighs about 30 lbs. I would consider him low-shedding." Bred by C and S Ranch

A fluffy, white, grey and black Alaskan Malamute puppy is in the arms of a lady standing in front of a large fancy wooden door. The puppy is looking down and the lady is smiling.

"King the Alaskan Malamute puppy at 3 months old, photo taken in Shangri-la, Yunnan Province, China."

Front side view - A grey with white Pit Bull Terrier puppy is wearing a black collar standing in grass next to a pile of fallen leaves.

King the blue nose Pit Bull Terrier puppy at 8 weeks old