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Keeping Snakes as Pets

Information and Pictures

Close up - A colorful corn snake is wrapped around the hand and wrist of a person with a bunch of bands around their wrist.

Niko the 3-year-old corn snake

Snake Fun Facts

The longest snake in Asia is the reticulated python.

Some snakes use venom to kill their prey while others kill their prey by constriction.

A long black snake is slithering through grass.

Black Snake spotted in Northeastern, Pennsylvania

Close up - Two snake skins are on a windowsill in a basement.

"We found these snakeskins in our basement, which means we have at least one snake down there. Maybe more! We think it is a black rat snake, but we are not sure. We also don't know if both skins are from the same snake or a different one. The one was wrapped around our curtain rod but I took it down, the other one was just lying flat. One measures 58" and the other 62". GROSS."

Two snake skins laying side by side on a floor. A snake is being placed on a fake rock hide-a-way in a glass cage enclosure

'It' the baby corn snake

The Shed skin of a snake is in a person's hand

Snakes shed their skin as they grow.

A Snake is coiled next to a stick on a green carpet

In this photo you can see this corn snake's skin which it had just shed.

A Python is laying on a blue blanket and it is coiled up.

This is a ball python named Zoe.

A man in a green Nike shirt is sitting next to a girl in a red sweat outfit. There is a Python around the mans neck and the tail is over the girl.

This big snake is a python.

A large red-tailed Boa is extended out across a couch.

This is a 2-year-old Red-tailed boa.

Top down view of a corn snake on a purple carpet.

Psyche the corn snake

Top down view of an orange and white corn snake laying out across a purple carpet.

Kittie the corn snake

Top down view of an orange and white corn snake that is wrapped around itself on a purple carpet.

Gypsy the corn snake

A baby ball python is beginning to wrap itself around a persons arm.

Khianna, 3 months old

A ball python is on top of a wooden surface on top of a bed. It is looking up and to the left.

Khianna, 3 months old