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Segugio Italiano

Information and Pictures

The back left side of a tan Segugio Italiano dog standing in grass looking to the left. Its mouth is slightly open. It has a long tail that is curled upwards at the tip.

"This is Nic, my Italian longhaired Segugio. I live in Parma, Italy, where this dog is quite common. I have the long, rough-haired variety, but there is also a smooth, shorthaired variety, which is very popular. The distinctive characteristics are his beard. This is the typical blond color, with the typical furry mane which resembles a lion. They have soft chestnut beautiful and expressive eyes.")

Other Names
  • Italian Segugio
  • Segugio
  • Italian Hound

Comes in both shorthaired and wirehaired coats.


The Segugio Italiano is a hunting dog that is mostly used for hares, and is not interested in birds or other animals. It has a noble, calm character. Good with people and other dogs, but most be socialized at an early age. It also hunts in packs with other Segugios. When he is on a rabbit’s trail, he makes a funny excited and distinctive barking with a high-pitched “ba ba ba” noise. These wonderful dogs are very intelligent and affectionate. Good with children and other dogs. Makes a good watchdog. With intelligence comes a dog that needs to be mentally challenged. If not properly exercised and mentally stimulated they will become bored, destructive, and may become barky and unhappy. They need to feel secure within their human pack with an owner who is calm, but firm, confident and consistent with the rules.

Height, Weight

Height: 19 - 23 inches (48 - 58 cm)
Weight: 40 - 62 pounds (18 - 28 kg)

Health Problems

Usually very healthy.

Living Conditions

This breed will do okay in an apartment due to its calm character if sufficiently exercised. Do not let this dog off the leash in an unsafe area. If he spots a rabbit his hunting instincts may get the best of him as he takes off after it.


The Segugio Italiano needs plenty of exercise. It needs to be taken on a daily walk or jog. The Segugio Italiano is a very fast runner with great stamina and is a good long-distance runner, which makes for a great jogging companion. This breed loves running on the plains and the woods. Will thrive if they are given the chance to use its hunting skills in tracking trials or hunting expeditions. They also enjoy swimming and retrieving. If they become restless or high strung it is a sure sign that the dog is not receiving enough mental and/or physical exercise.

Life Expectancy

About 10-14 years.


Easy to groom; a weekly brushing to remove loose hair will suffice. Keep nails trimmed and check ears regularly.


The Segugio Italiano is quite common in Italy, where it originated. It was and still is used by Italian farmers for hunting rabbits. Since the people were poor in Italy, they needed a dog that was versatile in hunting because they could not afford to feed many dogs. The Segugio Italiano has a special way of hunting; it herds the hares and brings them to the hunter. The Italian word for "to follow" is “seguire,” and this is where the dog got its name; it follows the hare, making big circles. It can stay on a hare's track for a long time, never giving up, and is also a good tracking dog with a very strong sense of smell.



  • AKC = American Kennel Club
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • FCI = Fédération Cynologique Internationale
  • KC(UK) = Kennel Club (UK)
Close up head and upper body shot - A tan Segugio Italiano is laying across a couch and it is looking up. It has bits of long wiry looking hair coming off of its mostly short coat.

Nic the Italian longhaired Segugio

Front view - A tan Segugio Italiano is laying on a red oriental rug and it is looking to the right. The dog has bits of longer wiry looking hair coming from its mostly short coat on its chin, lower body and legs.

Nic the Italian longhaired Segugio