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Excellent Jogging Companions

A medium sized black dog standing outside in the grass

"Rocco is our first dog. His parents were both working dogs so his natural hunting instincts are strong. He demands a lot of exercise. He is a stocky build for a Patterdale, around 16inches tall and is black with tan colours showing through. He is extremely fit and has a lot of energy which requires burning off every day. He rarely barks and has a lot of love for his owners. He likes children and all other dogs."

This is a list of purebred dog breeds that are considered excellent for jogging. If a breed is not listed here, it does not mean it is not a good jogging companion. Even little dogs can be great joggers and there are many, many mixed breeds and hybrid types that would be excellent. This list includes some of the higher energy breeds which in return make some of the best jogging partners.