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Sharberian Husky

Shar-Pei / Siberian Husky Mixed Breed Dogs

Information and Pictures

Side view - A large headed, perk eared, thick tan with white Sharberian Husky is laying on a porch and on the back of another dog.

Inuki the Sharberian Husky hybrid as an adult dog—"She loves to cuddle, lie in the sunshine and go exploring on long walks"

Other Names
  • Husky Pei

The Sharberian Husky is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Shar-Pei and the Chinese Siberian Husky. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.

  • ACHC = American Canine Hybrid Club
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
Close up front view - A large headed, thick bodied, perk eared, tan with white Sharberian Husky puppy is standing on a carpet and there is a person in a pink jacket touching its back. The dog's tongue is showing.

Inuki the Sharberian Husky puppy mix breed puppy at 2 months old

A thick, pudgy little puppy with a boxy muzzle, a wide forehead, blue eyes, one ear up and one ear folded down and white with gray coloring sitting down on a wooden floor inside of a house.

Rocky the Husky Pei (Shar Pei / Siberian Husky mix) puppy at 13 weeks old—"Rocky is quite a handful, but very intelligent. He likes to sleep and play. We have a very large backyard, and I think if it was up to him, he would just stay outside. His first training class is coming up and I am sure he will catch on extremely fast. As of right now, he is completely puppy pad trained, but he uses the bathroom outside as well. It's pretty amazing that he has only ever had 2 accidents on the carpet! His favorite thing to do is take a bath! He loves water!"

Upper body shot of a thick coated, white with gray puppy laying down sleeping on a brown wooden floor.

Rocky the Husky Pei (Shar Pei / Siberian Husky mix) puppy at 13 weeks old

Close up front view - A brindle tan with black and white Sharberian Husky puppy is sitting on a brown marble floor in a doorway  with a hardwood floor behind it looking forward. The dog is wearing a brown harness.

“This is Toby at 2 months old. This is about 3 days after we got him from foster care. Toby and his siblings were dropped off at a shelter one day by a guy who said he couldn't care for them, said the pups were about 4 weeks old, and their mother was a full-breed Husky. He wasn't willing to venture a guess on the father, since the pups all looked so different, and there was a lot of property with SO many dogs! Toby was the runt of the litter, so he went to foster care. We adopted him at about 10 weeks old. He was such a sweet guy, reminded us a lot of our Husky / Shepherd mix, and was so quirky and funny. He had the funny little "talking" that the husky does, the happy-go-lucky type of personality, and when his tail wags, his whole body moves! (I call him Squiggles when he is happy!) We were very curious about his markings; the vet thought maybe he was part Boxer? I finally sent in for a DNA test through Bio Pet Labs, and they sent back a certificate saying 75% Siberian Husky and 20 % Shar-Pei! That never even crossed our minds! But, now that we know, we see it.

Close up front view - A brindle tan with black and white Sharberian Husky puppy is sitting on a carpet, its mouth is open and its pink tongue that has blue spots on it is out. There is a person sitting against a red wall behind it. The dog's ears are large and standing up with the tips folded over to the front.

“He doesn't seem to care about other animals around him. He is very loyal to me when I walk him. He will do ANYTHING for a treat and LOVES love and praise! He seems SO smart; he can follow direction if it suits him, he KNOWS what he needs to be doing, pretty easy to train, but he is also very stubborn. He was about 100% housetrained by about 15 weeks old! He is very eager to please!

“Toby is really an unusual looking boy, as he has the long Husky face, and the Shar Pei build, and the brindle coloring. We do not have small children, we have teenagers, and he adores them! He loves cuddling and loves nap time! He has not been around any small children, but has been approached by other dogs and has done very well.”

The right side of a short haired, thick bodied, tan with white Sharberian Husky dog that is sitting on a concrete surface and it is looking forward. It has small ears and a big head.

"Ozzy is a registered Sharberian Husky shown here at 6 months old, weighing 40 pounds. He has a very loving and sweet personality. Ozzy needs lots of exercise and loves running around outside pouncing like a cat on toys and playing fetch. He loves eating fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, blueberries and raw potato (I have yet to find something he won't eat!) Ozzy was basically potty trained when we brought him home. Just a few accidents, minor scolding, and has been perfect ever since. He is very smart, and has already learned to sit, lie down and come (for treats). He is extremely stubborn, but is getting better as he gets older."

A thick tan with white Sharberian Husky puppy is wearing a red collar sitting on a hardwood floor and it is looking forward. There is a used tennis ball in front of it. The pups ears are perked and folded over to the front.

Ozzy the Sharberian Husky (Chinese Shar-Pei / Siberian Husky mix breed dog) as a puppy at about 2-3 months old