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The Purebred Titan Bull-Dogge

Information and Pictures

A wide, muscular brown with white and black Titán Bull-Doggé is standing in snow, it is looking up and its head is tilted to the right. The words - Titán Bull-Doggé/ Perro BulDoggé Titán - are overlayed along the right side of the image.

Photo courtesy of American Society of Rare & Working Breeds

Other Names
  • Perro Buldoge Titan
  • TB

Ti tan bul dawg


Function: All-around working dog. Excels in guard duties and protection. A great family companion.
Appearance: Medium to medium-large size dog, powerfully built and showing tremendous strength. The dog should be alert, with a symmetrical, well-proportioned body. The dog should look very athletic while remaining bully. The dog is confident and looks always on the ready.
Head: The head should be massive on males and large on females, in proportion to the body. Deeply sunken between the eyes, extending up the forehead. The wrinkles on the head should be moderate. Jaw muscles large. Lower jaw should be even or slightly protruding. Bite squared, undershot should be minimal if any. Eyes low and should be set wide. Forehead flat. Muzzle short, broad and deep (of square-like appearance). Flews semi-pendulous. Ears may be either rose or button and should be set high and wide. Dewlap will have two folds.
*Note: Blue eyes are acceptable but not preferred.
Body: Neck should be short and nearly wide as the head (Bull Neck- thick and well-muscled). Shoulders very broad and muscular. Front legs straight or slightly bowed. Ribs well rounded. Chest wide (should be pumped forward when the dog is on the ready). Back short and strong. Belly well tucked up. Thighs very muscular. Rear legs neither pigeon-toed or cow hocked, well-muscled. 
Coat: Short, close and medium fine.
Color: All color variations 
Red tiger brindle has been the preferred color of current Titan Bull-Dogge owners.
Tail: May have a natural or a docked tail, with no preference given to either. The natural tail is very thick at the base, and tapers to a point. The tail is set low. A "pump handle" tail is preferred, but any tail carriage from upright, when the dog is excited, to relaxed between the hocks is acceptable. 
Serious fault: Tail curled over the back; corkscrew tail; upright tail when the dog is relaxed.
Gait: Fluent movement is of the highest concern. The dog should have a smooth, strong glide.
Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum. 
Penalty: Any deviation from the approved ASWRB Standard should be penalized to the extent of the fault up to disqualification.


The animal should be self-assured, outgoing, and should show a natural ability to protect owner and property. The dog, because of its function, should be aloof of strangers to a point of analyzing the situation and not to the point of aggression. The dog should be at peace with those that are accepted into the master’s circle. A family member that loves children and will not hesitate to protect, it gets along with other pets. This breed is not generally dog aggressive. Needs a strong, firm, consistent, confident pack leader who can keep him in this rightful place, below all humans in the alpha order.

Height, Weight

Weight: Males 80 - 110 pounds (36 - 50 kg)
Females 70 - 95 pounds (32 - 43 kg)
*A 5-pound over and under differential is allowed in weight as long as the dog shows great proportion and balance.
Height: Males 18 - 21 inches (46 - 54 cm)
Females 17 - 20 inches (43 - 51 cm)
*A 1-inch over and under differential is allowed in height as long as the dog shows great proportion and balance.
*Females are naturally smaller and less bullier than males.

Health Problems

Very healthy and athletic dog.

Living Conditions

Will do well in an apartment if exercised regularly.


This Bulldogge must receive daily exercise. Long walks or runs are necessary.

Life Expectancy

9-12 Years

Litter Size

4-6 Puppies


Soft brushing. Must clean wrinkles with cloth on a daily basis.


The Titan Bull-Dogge / Perro Buldoge Titan (TB) is not a re-creation, but a creation that came about from years of breeding program studies, breeding education and selective development. The Titan Bull-Dogge / Perro Buldoge Titan was created with a very strong belief that a dog should have function as well as a balanced appearance. The development of the Titan Dog started in theory in 1991. After extensive research, Hector “Nino” Morales and a group of breeders from the Buffalo, NY, area put the program planning into effect. The first steps of selecting the foundation dogs that would go into the Titan Bull-Dogge / Perro Buldoge Titan breed began in 1994-1995. After discussing the potential breeds, the decision was made to go with four great breeds. Below you will find the four foundation dog types that went into the Titan Bull-Dogge and the particular reason the breed was chosen. Percentages will not be disclosed.

  1. Olde World Style Bulldogge: This dog type was used for its bully-ness, bone and overall strength.
  2. American Bulldog: This dog type was used for its power and workability.
  3. American Staffordshire Terrier: This dog type was used for its muscularity, agility, gracefulness and its alertness.
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier: This dog type was used for its jumping ability, quickness, agility and stockiness.

Today, we believe that the combination of these breeds in conjunction with the selected percentages have given us the desired attributes we intended to have when research was begun in 1991. After years of selective breeding and a large amount of consistency, Hector “Nino” Morales and the group of dedicated breeders that were such a big part of the creation of the TB put a written standard together. When necessary, a limited amount of outcrossing has been done, and will continue to be done to assure the continued health, temperament and workability of the Titan Bull-Dogge. Puppies from these breedings will be registered through the American Society of Rare & Working Breeds as Titan Bull-Dogge Program Outcrosses, and will contribute to the positive development of the Titan Bull-Dogge.

The Titan program is in early stages compared to other bulldogge programs, but much planning, time, effort and dedication have gone into the program. All the dogs that were used originally as foundation dogs were x-rayed and tested for genetic issues to assure a healthy beginning to this program. Through a very strict process of selective breeding we are today accomplishing what we set out to do all along, to put forward a program that in time will create a dog worthy of the chosen name Titan Bull-Dogge. We have come a long way but this is just the beginning.

The current registry for the Titan Bull-Dogge is the American Society of Rare & Working Breeds. If you hear of a Titan Bull-Dogge registered with another organization, this dog is not a Titan Bull-Dogge, as the Hector "Nino" Morales and family have copyrighted and trademarked ownership of the chosen breed name.


Bulldog (Working)

  • ASRWB - American Society of Rare & Working Breeds
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
A wide-chested, brindle with white Titán Bull-Doggé is sitting in grass, it is looking forward, its mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling.

Photo courtesy of American Society of Rare & Working Breeds

A wide, muscular brindle with white Titán Bull-Doggé is sitting on wet sidewalk, it is panting, it is looking up and forward.

Photo courtesy of American Society of Rare & Working Breeds

The front right side of a large, wide, thick brindle with white Titán Bull-Doggé is standing across a concrete porch and it is looking to the right.

Photo courtesy of American Society of Rare & Working Breeds