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List of Blue-Eyed Dogs

A rust colored brown with white dog laying down on a tan carpet. The dog has small perk ears, blue eyes, a brown nose and white legs with a white fluffy tail.

This is Shaka the Siberian Husky at approximately 100 lbs (45 kg). He has red and white fur and crystal blue matching eyes.

This page lists breeds of dogs that can have blue eyes as an adult dog. Some puppies can be born with blue eyes, but the eyes will darken as the dog grows up. This is a list of breeds that can keep their blue coloring into adulthood even when the breed standard considers it a fault. Sometimes a dog will have two blue eyes, or only one blue eye. Mix breed dogs that have a blue-eyed purebred in their lines can have blue eyes.

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A white and brown dog with a long muzzle, a brown nose, brown perk ears, one blue eye and one brown eye, a white snout and white body with patches of brown on her back and a fluffy tail sitting down outside on a wooden deck with her pink tongue hanging out.

"Ruby the 2 year old brown and white Border Collie with one blue eye and brown eye. She loves her Mr. Squeaks toy and whipped cream!!"

View from the top looking down at a black and tan dog with small fold over ears, a black nose and bright blue eyes laying down on a person's bed.

"Trixie has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. She is 15 lbs (6.8 kg) at 5 months old and a Terrier mix. She loves to play and can jump four feet in the air. In this picture she just had a bath and was played with for over 2 hours. Now she knows it's bedtime. We adopted her at 4 and a half months and she's potty trained."

A large white dog with a few dark spots on his side, a black nose, a square muzzle, rose fold over ears, big dewlap lips that hang down past his mouth and one blue eye and one brown eye standing on a picnic table outside under a shaded pavilion.

"This is my American Bulldog named Sky. She is 13 months old in this picture and weighs approximately 70 pounds (31 kg.) and 24 inches (61 cm.) high. She is mostly white with one large brindle spot behind her right shoulder and a bunch of little ones all over. She also has one blue eye and one brown eye. Her temperament is very friendly and playful. She loves kids and other dogs. When she is excited she wags her butt more than her tail. She likes to sleep with her head on a pillow and covered up with a blanket. She looks so cute but snores real loud. Her only bad habit right now is that she still chews on some things every now and then. She gets a lot of exercise in the backyard and goes to the park.

A small brown puppy with soft looking ears that fold down to the sides, a black nose, short legs, a long tail and two blue eyes sitting down on a tan mat looking up.

"This is Duece as a puppy. He is a ChiWeenie. Duece was the second-born, hence the name, Duece. His momma is a black and white Chihuahua and his daddy is a rust-colored Dachshund. Duece is a very out-going dog. He loves to cuddle with everyone in the family, and he will bark at you to get your attention! He gets his blue eyes from his daddy, Sammy, and the short snout from his momma, Mya. Duece is one of six puppies out of the litter. He is loveable and mellow, just like his daddy."

A large white dog with black spots, one blue eye and one brown eye, a black nose and soft ears that hang down to the sides laying down in grass with her leash attached to an old rusty metal wagon wheel.

"This is my 2 year old female, black and white Dalmatian with one blue eye and one brown eye. She is very smart and willing to work and learn anything, anytime. Her name is Muddy Pawz Secret of Rip Roarin. AKA " Secret""