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Dog Breed Types

List of dog types not yet established and/or at various stages of development

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Over the years many purebred dogs have been created by humans, many dating back as far as the 1800s and later. There are a good number of very well-established purebred dogs out there that we all know and accept. There are also people out there with missions trying to create new purebred dogs. Seems many people have big dreams of being the next creator. Some succeed, but many more fail. It is hard for people to accept new things.

Nonetheless, right or wrong, it's being done and people keep trying. It is often requested that these new "purebreds" be added to the Dog Breed Info Center® as purebreds. But at what point is the dog really considered purebred and who decides this? At what point is the fine line drawn. There are many standards and many opinions. This page contains dogs that are in-between. Whether they ever become the next purebred or whether they are just mixes that are really pure-wannabes is sometimes unclear. What is clear is that people keep trying.

The following list consists of those dogs that are not hybrids, meaning they are not just a simple cross between two purebreds, but by many are not considered pure, either. Some are dog types, for instance some of the hunting dogs bred solely for their ability, for which no one is trying to make them purebreds in the technical sense of the word. Some are in the latter development stages of becoming purebred and one day may be established with a well-known kennel club. Some may already be purebreds and some will never be. Some already seem to have disappeared. Some of these dogs on the list may be questionable. Read the origin of the dog you are looking up and do your own research. Make your own educated assessment.

This list does not include Hybrid Dogs. If you would like a full list including the hybrids, visit All Purebred and Cross Breeds or visit our Search Category page for more search options. If you would like a list of purebreds please visit our Purebred page.

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