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Miniature English Bulldog

Information and Pictures

A brown brindle and white Miniature English Bulldog is laying on its side on a tan carpet under a chair.

"Melanie is our 8-month-old Miniature English Bulldog puppy. We decided to get a puppy for our two teenage sons as a Christmas present. Having never owned a dog before this, we now realize the dedication and work that is required to raise and train a puppy. Thank you, Cesar Millan! We watched the shows, bought the books and videos. We had to teach Melanie that we were in charge and that the Bulldog could not get her own way. She is headstrong and determined, but so are we. We now have a kind, loving and devoted pup who is our constant companion. She loves everyone, wants her belly rubbed and loves water. We heard that Bulldogs can't usually swim; Mel loves the pool, long walks and tries to skateboard. Then, like the picture, she gets tired and becomes our lazy Bulldog."

Other Names
  • Mini English Bulldog
  • Mini Bulldog
  • Miniature Bulldog

BUHL-dawg speaker


The Miniature English Bulldog should not be confused with the English Bulldog / Pug mix being called the Miniature Bulldog by some breeders.


The head of the Miniature English Bulldog should be large, but not exaggerated out of proportion to the body. Broad muzzled and short faced, but with a definite protrusion of muzzle. The face is measured from front of cheekbone to tip of nose, long enough for unhindered breathing. Muzzle is broad and turning up. Loose folds of skin across nose, but in no way excessively wrinkled. Undershot (but not to excess) to level jaw. Flews are broad and hanging over lower jaw at each side. Eyes are set low and wide, never bulging or sunken—preferably without visible haw. Eyes of any color are acceptable; however, blue eyes are undesirable. Ears are small to moderate size and set wide apart. Rose or button preferred; never erect. Mouth is broad jaw. Full dentition desirable with incisors a large as possible. Canines set wide apart. The neck is moderate in length; thick, deep and strong with loose skin forming small dewlap on either side. Chest is broad and deep. Shoulders broad, rounded ribs. Forelegs powerful and straight, not bandy or curved, well boned, set wide apart, but under the trunk, presenting a straight front. The back is short and straight giving compact carriage, but not so short as to interfere with activity. Ribs well sprung and deep. Hindquarters are strong and muscular. Hocks are slightly bent. The feet are round and compact. Excessively splayed feet undesirable. The tail is thick set at the root. Straight (long or short), crank, pump-handle tails all acceptable. Set high on rump, slightly rounding down. Screw tails acceptable, but tight screws undesirable. Docked tails definitely undesirable. Gait and movement are balanced and vigorous. As true (straight) as possible with drive from rear. The coat is smooth, short, and tight to the body. Acceptable colors are all brindles, solid white or pied, solid red, fawn or any combination. Fallow black not acceptable.


The Miniature Bulldog is an English Bulldog bred down in size. It is not a mixed breed. Loyal, extremely affectionate in nature. Extroverted and gregarious, this breed's happiness requires human attention. This breed is good with family pets, but can be scrappy with strange dogs and needs an owner who understands how to correct this behavior. Gets along well with children. May dribble a little after drinking but is not considered a big drooler. Tends to snore while sleeping. Bullheaded and determined, this breed can be very persistent. They do not give up easily. Bulldogs are very much a people’s dog, seeking out human attention and loving every bit it can get!! A lot of human attention is required for the breed's happiness. Some Miniature English Bulldogs can be a bit dominating and need an owner who knows how to display strong leadership and understands alpha canine behavior in order to raise a Bulldog that understands its place in the human pack, and is nice to, and reliable with all people. When Bulldogs are young, they are full of energy, but slow down as they get older.

Height, Weight

Males: Height 11 - 14 inches (27 - 35 cm) Females: 10 - 13 inches (25 - 33 cm)
Males: Weight 25 - 40 pounds (11 - 18 kg) Females: 25 - 38 pounds (11 - 17 kg)

Health Problems

Breathing problems; some have small windpipes as well. Also poor eyesight, very susceptible to heatstroke in warm weather or hot rooms and cars. Very cold sensitive. Puppies often delivered by caesarian section because of their broad heads. Its digestive system is very active and may be offensive to people with sensitive noses. Susceptible to skin infections. Also hip and knee problems.

Living Conditions

The Miniature English Bulldog is good for apartment life. They are very inactive indoors and will do okay without a yard. This breed is an indoor dog. Bulldogs do best in temperate climates as the breed can chill easily in cold weather and have trouble cooling off in very hot weather.


Some adult Miniature English Bulldogs would just as soon not take any exercise, while others are full of energy. In any case all Bulldogs need to be taken on daily walks to fulfill their primal canine instinct to walk. Fit English Bulldogs are capable of moving very quickly for short periods of time.

Life Expectancy

10-12 years; females usually live longer. Some say their Mini Bulldogs have lived between 14-16 years. One Mini Bulldog lived 17 years.

Litter Size

4 - 5 puppies; as a result of this breed's large head they are difficult to whelp. Most Miniature Bulldog dams need to have cesarean sections when whelping their puppies. Artificial insemination is often necessary.


The smooth, fine, shorthaired coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush, and bathe only when necessary. Wipe the face with a damp cloth every day to clean inside the wrinkles. This breed is an average shedder.


The Miniature English Bulldog is not mixed with any other breed; it is a purebred English Bulldog downsized.



  • ACA = American Canine Association
  • BMWCOA = Bulldog Miniature World Club of America
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • EBMA = English Bulldog Miniature Association, International
  • MBA = Miniature Bulldog Association
  • MBCOA = Miniature Bulldog Club of America
  • MBWC = Mini Bulldog Watch Club
A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is laying on a gray-blue carpet staring at a black cat that is laying on its right side in front of it. There is a plush dog toy and a chewed wooden table behind them.

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old with the cat"He is very loving, gentle and energetic. He loves water and snow. He also loves children. He is the perfect dog. Brody is a little stubborn at times but with a stern voice he is eager to please. He has been pretty easy to train. He sits, lays down and fetchs and is completely house broken. He loves to sit on any part of your body just as long as he is with his family or human. He loves other animals, too. Our family loves him very much."

A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is laying in an arm chair and there is a tan puppy on its back behind it.

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old with his puppy friend.

A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is running next to a rushing brown stream of water

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old playing by the stream.

A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is wearing a harness laying stretched out on a carpet. There is a person in orange shorts sitting outside of the doorway.

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old

A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is standing on a carpet in front of a rack of CDs and there is a bright orange ball in its mouth.

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old playing wiht his orange ball

A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is sitting on a carpet in front of a couch. There is a shirtless man next to it kneeling down and there is a cigarette in his other hand.

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old with his human

A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is sitting in the lap of a lady sitting on a brown couch. The lady is taking a selfie.

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old with his human

A white with brown Miniature English Bulldog is sitting in front of a lit Christmas tree next to a boy in red framed glasses.

Brody the Mini Bulldog at 14 months old with his human