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Yorkshire Terrier Pictures

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Top down view of a soft looking black with brown Yorkshire Terrier that is sitting in the lap of a lady under a wooden chair. The dog has large perk ears and a soft looking face with dark eyes and a small black nose.

"This is Maddie, my female Yorkshire Terrier. She is 5 1/2 months old in this picture. She is very spunky, listens really well, has such a lovable personality and is very alert. Her coat is gorgeous. She is growing so fast, she is about 2 lbs. at the moment; she should be about 3.5-4 lbs. when she gets older. She doesn't show signs of small dog syndrome at the moment, but we are being cautious and watching for it so we can take care of it if it shows. She gets along really well with my other 2 dogs (one being another Yorkie, the other a Lab). She is a really good cuddler. I am proud of her."

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The right side of a thick coated, black with tan Yorkshire Terrrier dog standing across a grass surface with its mouth open and tongue out. There is a person with their hand on the back of the dog.

Doogie the Yorkie at 19 years old is deaf and is going blind but manages to get along using her nose.

Close up - A long coated, black with brown Yorkshire Terrier puppy that is being held in the arm of a person.

Tank the Yorkshire Terrier puppy at 4 months old

Close up - A fuzzy black with brown Yorkshire Terrier puppy that is sitting on a red corduroy surface.

Maddie the Yorkie at 5 1/2 months old

A longhaired, soft looking, Yorkshire Terrier puppy jumping up in the air wearing a hot pink shirt with a person to the side of it

Maddie the Yorkie at 5 1/2 months old

A tan and cream with black Yorkie dog laying across a blue surface, it is looking forward and it has an orange bow in its hair. It has a black nose and dark eyes.

"Muffy is a 3-year-old Yorkie (AKC). She weighs 3 pounds 9 oz. She is my baby and she knows it. Full of energy and attitude. Muffy has liver shunts. Five years old will be a long life for Miss Muffy. After the shock and heartbreak of finding this out, I decided to enjoy every minute with my baby and take the best care of her that I can. She takes medication 3 times a day and seems to be fine. She has restored joy to my life and although she is a very sick little puppy, I wouldn't trade one minute with her for all the silk in China!"

The right side of a black with brown Yorkshire Terrier that is wearing a blue bandana and it is standing across a stone surface. It has a long tail that is almost touching the ground. Its small ears are folded over to the sides.

Nacho the Yorkshire Terrier

The left side of a black with brown Yorkshire Terrier that is walking across a blacktop surface. The Yorkishire Terrier dog wearing a blue bandana. Its long tail curls at the tip with hair fanning from it.

Nacho the Yorkshire Terrier

The right side of a longhaired brown with black Yorkie dog sitting across a windowsill with a flower behind it. It has large perk ears.

Tadger the Yorkie gazing out the window in the highlands of Scotland

Close up - The left side of a long coated black with brown Yorkie that is sitting in unkempt lawn and there are flowers behind it. The dogs ears are pinned back and its eyes are squinty.

This is a 4-year-old Yorkie named Romeo Fonzirelli Carson aka Fonzi, weighing in at 5 pounds.

The front right side of a black with brown Yorkshire Terrier dog sitting in grass and it is looking to the right. It has a bow in its hair holding the long fur out of its face and small perk ears.

This is 2½-year-old Juliet Cindirelli Carson aka Julz, weighing in at 7 pounds.

Close up - Two Yorkies are laying on a couch and behind them is a pillow. The larger dog is golden tan and black with large perk ears and the smaller dog is black with tan and ears that hang down to the sides.

Riley and TJ

The right side of a black with tan Yorkie that is standing across a carpet. It is looking up and its head is tilted to the left. The small toy dog has long hair fringing from its perk ears, long hair hanging from its face and underside. It has a docked tail a small black nose and dark round eyes.

This is Princess Lucille Louise, affectionately known as Princess Lucy, at 2 years old. Doesn't she look like she is all attitude?

A gray and brown Yorkie is standing on top of a tiled step on a porch and it is looking to the right. It has a docked tail, small fold over ears, a black nose, black lips and dark eyes.

Meet Fifi at 2 years old and very noisy ;-) Photo courtesy of Krasny Las, Elblag, Poland

A long, thick coated, brown and gray Yorkie is standing at the top of stone steps, it is looking to the left and its mouth is slightly open.

Fifi the Yorkshire Terrier

A brown and black Yorkie dog laying on a rug under a table and it has a blue and white shark toy in between its paws.

Fifi the Yorkshire Terrier

Topdown view of a black with brown Yorkie laying on its side on a pink pillow and it is eating a cookie. It has perk ears and a black nose.

In loving memory of Tagder, who liked to eat cookies in bed ;-)

The left side of a longhaired, brown with black Yorkie that is laying next to a person's leg. On the persons lef is a Cockatiel bird. The bird and the Yorkie are looking each other in the eyes.

Toby, a Yorkshire Terrier at age 9 and Ronnie, a cockatiel who is almost 2 years old

A compilation of images of a brown and black Yorkie that is getting cleaned. The dog is all wet in half of the images.

Apple the Yorkshire Terrier getting cleaned up!