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Coydog Pictures

Domestic Dog / Coyote Hybrid Dog

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Cash the medium-haired fluffy tan and white Coydog is laying on a black couch on top of a leopard print pillow, in front of a upside down remote. There is a Dog with a black tail walking away

"I have a beautiful one-year-old male Coydog. He is coyote and Husky. He weighs approximately 50 pounds and is still growing, though it seems he will be a medium-height dog. His name is Cash and he is one of the most beautiful pups I have ever seen. He has piercing yellow eyes, beautifully thick red and white fur, and a pink/brown nose. He is a genuinely sweet, loving animal. He does bark, but when there are other coyotes around the farm he howls and squeaks.

Other Coydog Names
  • Coyote Dog Hybrid
  • Dogote
Close Up - Cash the Coydog is laying on a leopard print pillow

"He is one of 4 pups in our pack but the only Coydog, and is very smart and has become the "matronly" member.

Cash the Coydog is sleeping on a couch with his head on Grace the cat. A person is petting his head

"He loves all children and any animal. He is often caught snuggling with our cat Grace...

Cash the Coydog is laying outside in dead grass with a white and black Border Collie puppy

"...or carrying around our 8-week-old Border Collie puppy. He is high energy and walks well on a leash, but tends to wander when he is not leashed (selective hearing) and prefers to spend his time outside all of the time. We try to get him to sleep indoors but think he just gets too hot with all of his thick fur. I think he has a bit of separation anxiety when my husband goes to work (he is more attached to my husband), as he usually whines for about an hour after he's left for the day. All in all, he is a great animal, member of the pack and friend."

Cash the Coydog puppy playing outside in grass with a Border Collie. Cach is on top of the Collie and the Collie is about to bite his face.

Cash the Coydog puppy playing with his Border Collie friend

A Wet Cash the Coydog puppy is in a sink with a couple inches of water in it getting a bath

Cash the Coydog puppy getting his first bath

Close Up - Roo the graying black and tan Coydog is laying on a carpet

Roo the Coydog at 13 years old—"I've never really been able to say who saved who with Roo and me. She had been severely abused by her previous owner, who was my boss's (at the time) son. She hated people and ran wild on about 12 acres of farmland. For some reason she started taking an interest in me and started following me around. We eventually became friends. The day I quit she chased my truck down the driveway, so I stopped and opened the door. I told her that if she was in she was in for good, no turning back. About two years later I became extremely ill and was retired from the military and had to go on disability. I was almost completely homebound for years. Roo was with me and kept me going. Honestly, if it wasn't for her, I really don't know how or even if I would have made it through those first five or six years. She really became my life. That's been several years now, I'm doing better and Roo and I have had a great life together. But in Nov. of 2012 we got some more heartbreaking news. Roo was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and I was told I had less than a month left with her. It's now been four months later and Roo is still going strong, surprising everyone, her vets included. She is in minimal pain, controlled by minor pain meds and anti-inflammatories but I use crystals, animal Reiki and essential oils to keep the cancer at bay. She has been the love of my life, the most amazing being I've ever encountered, her intelligence, loyalty, and capacity to love is absolutely mind boggling. She became a surrogate mother, playmate and jungle gym to more animals than I can count when I did rescue and rehab with exotics and wildlife. Only thing I had to watch around her were rabbits and guinea pigs, those were snacks to her! I've truly been blessed to have her in my life and will always consider her a guardian."

Close Up - Roo the Coydog is laying on a bed and there is a light shining next to its face and white blinds hanging on a window behind him.

Roo the Coydog at 13 years old

Close Up head shot - Roo the Coydog is laying on a bed

Roo the Coydog at 13 years old

Roo the Coydog is laying on top of a lady who is taking a selfie

Roo the Coydog at 13 years old

Close Up - Roo the Coydog is laying on a carpet and snuggling with a toy dog

Roo the Coydog at 13 years old

Kaweah the tan, white with black Coydog is laying outside with its mouth open and tongue out. It has a black tongue

Kaweah the Coydog(half Australian Shepherd (dam) and half coyote) at 18 months resting in the shade and showing off her painted tongue

"Kaweah is half Australian Shepherd (dam) and half coyote. She weighs about 32 pounds. She has a dense undercoat which is shed once a year, and her coat feels like a pelt. She is good natured, intelligent, easily trained, although aloof, independent, and non-demonstrative with affection; her personality being very catlike. She loves kids and gets along well with other dogs, as long as they aren't aggressive towards her; with aggressive kids, she slinks away quietly; with aggressive dogs she'll stand her ground even with animals twice her size. She has never shown aggression of any sort towards people. As a pup, she began hunting insects—grasshoppers, crickets and moths, but as she matured her focus has changed to small animals such as mice, chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels, with an occasional bird. She spends all day hunting and sleeps indoors at night. We really couldn't ask for a better pet; she's the bomb."

Kaweah the Coydog is standing in snow and looking down at some of the brush

Kaweah the Coydog (half Australian Shepherd (dam) and half coyote) at 18 months, hunting in the sage brush

Close Up head shot - Kaweah the Coydog is looking in between a brown bush

Kaweah the Coydog (half Australian Shepherd (dam) and half coyote) at 2 years old waiting patiently in the brush, intensely watching for prey

Kaweah the Coydog is running around in deep snow

Kaweah the Coydog (half Australian Shepherd (dam) and half coyote) at one year old

Kaweah the Coydog puppy is sitting on a brown leather couch and he has a plush toy in his mouth

Kaweah the Coydog (half Australian Shepherd (dam) and half coyote) puppy at 4 months old

Close Up - Pippy-Dog the gray and white Coydog is sitting outside in front of a wooden fence at night. Its eyes are closed and its tongue is only a little bit out of its mouth

"This is my Coydog Pippy-Dog at 6 months old. She is part Xoloitzcuintle and coyote. She isn't a very outgoing dog. She is very shy (except at feeding times). She would rather be with canine companions than with humans."