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Drool Offenders

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Spike the Bulldog is laying outside on a concrete floor. There is a trailer in the background and 2 plastic water containers in front of it. In between the containers are a water pan and a food pan. The floor is all wet from Spike drinking.

Everyone knows that a dog's water should be changed daily. And that is exactly what I did before Spike the Bulldog came to live with us. Every night I made sure I changed our dogs’ water dish. Back then we owned a Husky mix and a lovable American Pit Bull Terrier.

But now that Spike is in the picture, the water has to be changed just about after every drink! Not only does he get the water all over the floor, drinking half or all of the dish in one helping, but he leaves the water in the state as if someone has just dumped some gelatin into it. When I dump the remaining water into the sink, it comes out slow and gooey.

You should see the water pouring off of his big lips after he is finished drinking. We all do a "pant-legs up" because he is so affectionate; he always tries to rest his head on our legs or lean against us.

A white plastic water pan on a concrete surface. It has a few inches of very drooly bubbled water in it.

Notice the wet floor all around the area of his drinking pan. Yep, you guessed it, that is all from Spike taking a drink. Also, take a look at the inside of the pan. I feel sorry for our other dog having to drink from the same container.

Spike the Bulldog is laying out on a concrete surface and there is wet spots all around him from him getting a drink.

It is a good thing Spike has such an excellent personality. All of his little habits do not seem very important when you get to know him. We could not ask for a more entertaining dog to keep us smiling.