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Drool Offenders

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Shakey the Boxer is laying on a pillow in front of a house and drooling about an 8 inch string down the right side of his face

Shakey the Boxer

Shakey the Boxer is laying down on a pillow bed next to a house. The drool on his face is hanging from his mouth to his front leg and its on his shoulder and on the bed.

Shakey the Boxer

Rico the black and white spotted Dalmatian/Great Dane mix is sitting in front of a bookcase with a pack of napkins on it. He has drool coming from the corner of his mouth.

Rico the Dalmatian / Great Dane mix drooling as he waits for food.

Close Up - Mugzy the English Bulldog is sitting in front of a blue backdrop. Mugzys eyes are red and there are clear drops of drool on his lips.

From the mouth of a Bully! :) This is Mugzy the English Bullodg. What a pretty girl!! Notice the lip on the left-hand side of the photo. Is that a hint of drool? Let’s take a closer look....

Close Up of a hanging dewlap - A dribble of drool at the side of the mouth of Mugzy the Bulldog gotta love them!! The typical dribble of drool that forms at the lips of most Bullies!! Nothing a quick wipe with a towel won’t cure! As long as you get it before she decides to shake her head! :)

Close Up - The face of a Boxer who has a drool bubble on its lips

Notice the bubble of slobber forming at the lips of this Boxer.