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Havanese Pictures

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A tan Havanese puppy is laying on top of a black blanket

Maza the Havanese puppy at 5 months old—"Maza is a sable champagne colored Havanese. She was adopted by our family when she was 1.5 months old and she instantly became part of our family (me, my husband, two kids and white Persian cat named Gizmo). She is very loving, caring, lively AND WE LOVE HER VERY MUCH."

Other Names
  • Bichon Havanais
  • Havana Silk Dog
  • Bichon Havanese
Action shot - A tan Havanese puppy is landing from a jump with all four paws off of the ground in a road with grass behind it.

Maza the Havanese puppy on the run!

A tan Havanese is laying on a large pillow on top of a white towel next to a person that is sitting on it. In front of the person is a big white cat that is the same size as the dog.

Maza the Havanese puppy taking a nap with Gizmo the white Persian cat.

A tan Havanese puppy is laying in a brown dog bed on a hardwood floor under a bunch of plush toys.

Maza the Havanese puppy hanging out with all her stuffed toys.

A tan with black Havanese puppy is laying down in front of a white wall

Maza the Havanese as a young puppy