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List of Bedlington Terrier Mix Breed Dogs

A white soft but scruffy-looking dog with ears that stand out to the sides, dark eyes, a black nose and black lips laying down in grass with a wooden privacy fence behind her.

"Hebe is my 2-year-old Bedlington / Whippet / Greyhound / Border Collie cross (Lurcher). She is relaxing after a long walk."

  • Bedlington Terrier x Clumber Spaniel mix = Clumberton
  • Bedlington Terrier x Whippet mix = Bedlington Whippet
Other Bedlington Terrier Dog Breed Names
  • Rodbery Terrier
  • Rothbury Terrier
  • Rothbury's Lamb
A white dog with longer fringe hair on her tail, ears and face sleeping in a blue fluffy dog bed.

Hebe the Bedlington Terrier / Whippet / Greyhound / Border Collie mix breed dog (Lurcher) at 2 years old.