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List of Carolina Dog Mix Breed Dogs

Head shot of a thick-coated tan dog with red highlights, small perk ears, brown eyes, brown/black nose sitting down in grass

Rosey Posey the Carolina Dog mix at 4 years old—"We adopted Rosey from a rescue. She was obviously loved and well trained by her former family. She is extremely sweet and well mannered, rarely, if ever, barking. She makes more noise in her sleep than she does when she is awake. She runs like a cheetah and often skids out in a cloud of dust. She is, a nose, with a dog attached at the rear. She will trace every step of a chipmunk or squirrel until we pull her off the hunt. When we first got her, she was very underweight and her coat was sparse. With a healthy diet of home-cooked healthy food (ground turkey, basmati rice and organic flash frozen veggies) she has filled out nicely and the plume on her tail is now 14 inches long! People mistake her for a big fox. Her tail flows like a show horse's tail."

  • Carolina Dog x Basenji mix = Carengi
Other Carolina Dog Dog Breed Names
  • American Dingo
  • Carolina Dingo
  • American Pariah
A fawn/red colored dog with white on her thick undercoat and long fringe tail laying down curled up in a ball

Rosey Posey the Carolina Dog mix at 4 years old