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Dogs Named Dante

Side view - A long-haired, wavy-coated, brown with white Spanish Water Dog is standing in grass and it is looking to the left. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Dante de Los Angeles (Dante) the Spanish Water Dog, photo courtesy of Rob Martin and Yvonne Morgan, Hampton, TN

Two Jug dogs are standing and sitting on a brown Pergo floor and a tan throw rug in front of a brick fireplace next to a person in a red shirt.

Jugs (Pug / Jack Russell mix) Loki and Dante — "This is Loki (red collar) and Dante (brown collar). Loki is 2 years old and Dante is 1 year old in these pictures. Loki weighs about 28 lbs. and Dante weighs about 20 lbs. We call Dante “Loki’s Mini Me.” Loki is from a Humane Society in Richmond, VA. Dante was bought from a pet store then given up by the owner after only a couple of months. These two dogs get along great and love playing together for hours on end. They both have the energy of a Jack Russell, but they also can calm down and cuddle like a Pug. They especially love sleeping under the covers with their heads on the pillow. The one unfortunate thing about these two dogs is that they both have hip dysplasia and will need surgery in the future, but it doesn’t slow them down."

A black brindle Perro Cimarron large breed dog is standing on dirt surrounded by grass and its mouth is open and tongue is out. It's ears are cropped the shape of bat-ears.

Dante the Cimarron Uruguayo

A white with brown brindle Whippet dog is laying against the arm of a tan couch.

Dante the Whippet

A brown brindle with white English Boston-Bulldog puppy is sitting in grass looking up.

Dante the English Boston-Bulldog at 4 months old — "He is a spunky little guy with tons of energy and attitude."

A tan Labrador Retriever large breed dog is sitting in grass in front of a flower bed and a brick wall looking forward.

This yellow Labrador Retriever is named Dante.

A large-breed, brown with black and white Belgian Malinios shepherd dog is sitting in grass and looking to the left. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Dante, a one-year-old Belgian Malinios weighing in at 75 pounds (34 kg) was whelped in Belgium.