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Dogs Named Ziggy

View from the front - A tricolor, black with white and tan Bull Terrier dog is standing on rocks. It is licking its nose.

Ziggy the 5-month-old Bull Terrier is a purebred tricolor with a very playful and loving temperament.

View from the front - A black brindle Frenchie Pug is standing on grass looking up with its head tilted to the left.

"Ziggy, our Frenchie Pug at 9 months old has a goofy personality and gets along with anyone he meets. He loves to go rollerblading and running like a wild man with other dogs in the park, but his favorite things to do are eat and sleep. When he passes out, he snores very loudly, and there's no waking him up."

Close up upper body shot - A tan Shar-Pei/Boerboel mix breed dog is sitting on a porch. Behind it is a gate and to the right of it is a brick wall.

Ziggy, the male Shar-Pei / Boerboel hybrid at 7 months old. "Ziggy is beautiful and very well behaved, but is a bit stubborn & hates water."

A small breed, white Havanese dog is sitting on a tan chair behind tan pillows looking forward.

"This is Ziggy, my pet Havanese at 15 months old...loves to play at the "leashless" park and goes to Bow Wow DogCare 3 days a week. They call him The Boss of Daycare. None of the large breed dogs bother him and if they do, Ziggy promptly corrects them; Ziggy is very confidant. He is definitely a "momma's boy"!"

Close up upper body shot view from the front - A partial black and white photo of a Kimola sitting in dirt and there is a bush with purple flowers behind it. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Ziggy the Kimola at 1 year old—"Ziggy is very affectionate and playful. He sleeps in late, trained very quickly and easily, and is a wonderful companion! He doesn't shed at all and is great at the groomer."

Two American Bulldogs are sitting in grass looking forward in front of a person who is holding their collars. The dog on the right has its head tilted to the right.

P.S.I.'s Ziggy and P.S.I.'s Johan the American Bulldogs

A small tan Pomchi puppy is being held up in a persons hands over top of a couch.

Ziggy the Pomeranian / Chihuahua mix puppy at around 2 months; his ears weren't standing up yet in this photo.

A shaggy, white with black Old English Sheepdog is sitting next to a person who has their arm over it. To the left of it is a person standing. The dogs mouth is open and tongue is out.

This is Ziggy the Old English Sheepdog. Photo Courtesy of OES Club of America National Rescue Program, OES Rescue of Southern California, Inc.

View from the top looking down - A fluffy, black with tan and white Shorkie Tzu puppy is sitting on a bed and its right paw is on top of a person wrapped in a blue blanket laying next to it.

Ziggy, a Shorkie Tzu puppy at 11 weeks old, weighing 3.5 lbs.—mom was a purebred Shih Tzu and dad was a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

A white with black Boxerdoodle is laying on its left side across from a black Boxerdoodle puppy laying on its right side. There is a tug of war toy with a cat's face on it in-between the dogs

Boxerdoodles Ziggy and Kaya, photo courtesy of Debbies Doodle Ranch