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Parson Russell Terrier Pictures

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A litter of 7 Parson Russell Terrier puppies all lined up in a row sitting on a light green couch. The puppy to the far right is yawning.

A litter of Parson Russell Terrier puppies—Photo courtesy of Violet Meadow Farms

Close up view from the top looking down at the dog - A red with white Parson Russell Terrier dog wearing a green and red Christmas sweater standing on a tan tiled floor looking up. The dog's tail is up.

Nutmeg the Parson Russell Terrier at about 8 months old wearing a shirt

Front view - A white with tan Parson Russell Terrier dog is wearing a blue parka with a fuzzy hood and there is a boy wearing a blue and red Cleveland Indians baseball cap holding the dog up near his head.

Peanut and Judd

Close up head shot - A white with brown and black Parson Russell Terrier puppy laying down on a bed.

Hi, my name is Jenni. I am 7 weeks old. I am a Parson Russell Terror, I mean Terrier!

A white Parson Russell Terrier is laying on its right side on a colorful blanket. It has a red ribbon on its back side.

Sparky is a 3-year-old Parson Russell Terrier. This picture catches her in a rare moment, sitting still. Her favorite activities include digging holes, ratting out in the fields, closing doors, EATING and begging for treats. She is a super dog!

Side view of a white with black Parson Russell Terrier dog laying on a red brick porch looking towards the camera.

This is a little 4-month-old Parson Russell Terrier named Vincent.