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Pictures of Keeping Goats as Pets

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Four black and white Kid Goats are standing in hay in a barn stall and to the right of them is their black and white mother.

Molly and her four 1-day-old kids—Three boys and one girlThe whole family—(left to right) Daryl, Billy-Bob, Mary-Sue, Jim-Bob and Molly the mom

An adult goat and her baby - A black and white Goat is standing in Hay and looking down and to the left with its black and white kid under it.

Molly and Billy-Bob

Three baby goats - A black and white goat is standing in feed. There are two black with white kid goats laying next to them inside of a barn stall.

Jim-Bob in the bowl, Daryl standing behind him and Mary-Sue lying in the back

Three baby goats and the adult mother - A black with white kid goat has its foot in a white plastic feed bowl and next to it are two other siblings that are laying in hay next to the wooden wall inside of a barn stall.

Daryl in the bowl, Mary-Sue and Jim-Bob lying down