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Pictures of Keeping Goats as Pets

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Close up head shot - A brown with white Goat is standing in dirt and it is looking up. Its mouth is slightly open and there is a baby goat behind it.

Marsha the goat

A brown with white goat and three black goats are standing around a goat with a large breed Great Pyrenees dog watching over them.

Goats with Tundra, their Great Pyrenees guardian

A brown with white Toggenburg Goat is standing in dirt and it is looking to the right.

"This is my Toggenburg goat. Candy is a female goat I got from a sale. She is very sweet, loving goat. She loves to follow you around while you’re outside. She loves to play with her Golden Retrievers and her favorite thing to eat is crackers. Candy will show up on the front porch waiting for someone to come out. She would rather be inside with you than be out in the barn. She has other goats to play with—Boer and Saanen goats. Candy will be shown at the 4-H fair this year."

A brown with black and white kid goat is standing in hay next to its mother, a black with white goat who is laying down in front of a stone wall inside of a barn stall. Two baby goats are laying in hay in a corner inside of a barn stall. Three goats are standing in a dirt patch. Two of them are looking forward and the third goat is sticking its tongue out at the others. A herd of 7 goats are lined up in a row standing in grass looking forward.

Herd of goats—Marsha, Peter, Greg, Molly, Jim-Bob, Billy-Bob and Darrel