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Pigs and Hogs Pictures

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Two pigs are in an outside muddy pen. One Pig is walking to the back fence of a pen and behind it is another Pig sitting in the Pen. There is a ball in the top left.

"I bought 2 pigs for 4-H market, Blaze and 'Fraidy. (Blaze is the closest, 'Fraidy is in back.)"

Right Profile - There is a huge, fat, furry pink pig rooting through dirt outside in a grassy field.

"The pigs have to weigh over 220 pounds or you have to take them home where you can resell, or keep to breed, or whatever else. I went to County just to show, and see where we were at in weight. 'Fraidy at that time weighed 200 and Blaze weighed 190. I thought they would both make it. State Fair is here, loud rides, and LOTS of pigs, cows and sheep and goats, the list goes on. 'Fraidy, 240. Blaze, 216. How can this happen? Well, 'Fraidy not only ate all of his food, but hers too. So, we brought Blaze home for a breeding project."

A blonde haired lady is laying her head on the back of a pig that is laying behind large hay bales

"Little did we know that Durocs can be family. Blaze was my best friend. I rode her, she ate candy more than I did; she also liked table scraps. No pork or bacon was fed to this pig:) Blaze was so smart that we didn't know she could open doors. Yes, she broke out of her pen and ate so much we found her lying with grain on her face. She also opened the sliding door to the house. My dad and I were in the garage and heard my mom scream. Blaze was trying to open her bedroom door. I gently touched her ear and she quickly left the house. We had to lock the doors when she was out, scared she might find the kitchen."

A person in a green coat is standing in snow and giving food item to a pig standing in front of her. Next to her is a brown dog and it is looking down at the snow.

Feeding Blaze candy in the snow

A huge, fat pig is laying on its side inside of its pen and there are a number of piglets nursing from the Pig.

"Blaze had 14 piglets, 1 stillborn, 1 died because she was too small. Blaze now lives next from the 4 piglets that are left, and they are as friendly as her. Blaze never hurt anyone, well, when she was pregnant, but she was 1 week from birth. And she didn't make me bleed, just a little cut."