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Babyface the English Bulldog sitting on a tiled floor in front of a person who is peting Babyfaces chest and her long tongue is hanging out past her neck

This is Babyface the English Bulldog at 5 years old. Notice the tongue hanging out? Her tongue is always hanging out to the right side. She has a condition called Macroglossia, which means she has an abnormally large tongue.

Other Names
  • English Bulldog
  • British Bulldog
Close Up - The side of Babyface the Bulldogs face. The Tongue is hanging out on the right side

That one-to-two inch tongue hang-out is normal for her. The vet told Babyface's owners that her tongue is simply too long for her mouth. It NEVER goes all the way in.

Close Up - Babyface the English Bulldog looking at the camera holder with droopy eyes, an underbite and her tongue hanging out

Babyface the English Bulldog

Babyface the Bulldog sitting on a tiled floor in front of her owner with her tongue hanging past her neck

She is unable to lick her nose or her owner's face, the latter being a good thing with the slobber puss. To watch her drink with a sideways motion is also a interesting!

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