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Bulldog Pictures

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A Bulldog Story

Clarence the white English Bulldog sitting on a green chair with a lady hugging him from behind

I'm Clarence, a 14-month-old Bulldog. I own a human family. They live with me.

Other Names
  • English Bulldog
  • British Bulldog
Clarence the Bulldog walking on a kitchen countertop sniffing a ceramic treat jar

One day I was out exploring the house when my human walked in. "Clarence!" She yelled, "Get off the counter!" She was pretty mad.

Clarence the Bulldog standing in the back of a vehicle's hatch area

She put me into the back of the car. She said if I could not behave it was the doghouse for me.

Clarence the Bulldog walking into a doghouse with his back end sticking out the doorway

Well, we got home and she put the doghouse outside for me to look at. I know she was hoping I would jump for joy and love it.

Clarence the Bulldog standing outside on a patio next to a doghouse with his mouth open and tongue out

But, what do humans know!

Clarence the Bulldog laying on a tan leather couch leaning on a pillow

I hope my human is comfortable out there. I gave her a snuggly blanket and a fluffy pillow. Oh well, she'll be just fine. I'll feed her in the morning.

The End