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Dogs All Dressed Up!

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Bruno the Boxer is sitting in a house wearing a cowboy hat and a pair of reading glasses

Bruno the Boxer dressed like a cowboy—"Bruno is really good at posing for the camera. I put the hat and glasses on him and asked him to stay. Then I bust out laughing and Bruno stayed perfectly still keeping the pose, but that nubby of his started wagging really fast as if he was laughing with me."

A large white dog wearing light purple sun glasses, a light purple shirt and a white night hat that has purple flowers on it wearing a brown necklace sitting down on a hardwood floor.

A Great Pyrenees dressed up for Halloween as Grandma aka the Big Bad Wolf—Courtesy of Majesta Pyrenees

PJ the Boston Terrier is wearing a dress and fairy wings standing on her hind legs on a tiled floor

PJ the Boston Terrier all dressed up and ready to go out trick-or-treating.

Miss Angel Rose the Bulldog is wearing a light pink wedding dress and a hat. It is also sitting on a carpet and looking up at the camera holder with its mouth open

Miss Angel Rose the Bulldog all dressed up.

A black and white Pit Bull is sitting on a chair in a red cape dress wearing a tiara

A Pit Bull dressed like a queen

Khayman the Sikese dog and Amity the Chigi dog are sitting on a countertop wearing a purple and a red coat with white fur around the necks.

Khayman the adult Sikese (Maltese / Silky Terrier mix breed dog) and Amity the Chigi (Chihuahua / Corgi hybrid dog) wearing their winter coats.

A German Shepherd is sitting outside in woods wearing a Raiders hat and sunglasses sitting in front of a football.

A German Shepherd wearing a hat and sunglasses with his football.

A Heeler is wearing reading glasses on a couch. It has an open book in front of it

A Heeler wearing reading glasses with her paw in a book

A dog is dressed as a race horse in front of a black leather couch

A little dog dressed like a race horse

A Pit Bull is sleeping on a green couch with its head on a maroon pillow wearing a cat mask

A Pit Bull wearing a cat mask.

A little tan dog with a bone tag hanging from its collar is wearing sunglasses laying in the passenger seat of a car

A little dog wearing sunglasses laying on the car seat

A thick-bodied, wrinkly dog with extra skin and a boxy head wearing a Santa costume sitting down

Barkley the Ori Pei dressed as Santa