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Dogs All Dressed Up!

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Henry the Yellow Lab is wearing black fuzzy ears

Henry the Yellow Lab wants to be a kitty cat! ;-) See more of Henry growing up

A little girl holding the paw of a small black and tan dog who is standing on its hind legs and wearing a dress on a white tiled floor with wood furnture behind themBuddy and Maddy the Miniature Schnauzers are standing on a carpet and wearing sweaters. One sweater is bright blue and red and the other is pink, green and black.

Salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzers, Buddy at 1 year old and Maddy at 1 year and 10 months old wearing their sweaters.

Buddy the Miniature Schnauzer puppy is jumped up at the camera holder wearing a yellow rain coat

Buddy the salt and pepper Mini Schnauzer as a puppy at 4 months old wearing his yellow rain coat.

An Akita and A Shiba Inu are sitting in front of a house next to a jack-o'-lantern. The Akita Inu is wearing a witch hat and the Shiba Inu is wearing devil horns

Trick-or-Treat (an Akita and a Shiba)

A wet cocker spaniel is sitting on a boat and wearing a hat beach ball with a swimming pool behind him. There is a lady standing in the pool

A boating Cocker Spaniel

Mugzy the Bulldog is sitting in front of a wood paneled wall wearing a tuxedo shirt with a red bowtie

Mugzy the Bulldog puppy

Buck the German shepherd is wearing an Arizona Cardinals Hat and shirt while sitting on a chair with a cheerleader pom pom in his mouth.  There are sports flats on the wall behind him.

Buck the German Shepherd mix—"Give me an A!"

A Border Collie laying in a human's bed with red reindeer antlers onAllie the Boxer is sitting on a stone porch and wearing a purple Chefs hat with a red wooden bench behind her

Don't step on the nails, they're still drying—Allie the Boxer.

Buddy the fawn and black Boxer is wearing a baseball hat that is on sideways and a pair of sunglasses while laying outside in the grass

Buddy the Boxer in his baseball cap and sunglasses.