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Beat the Heat Pictures

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How is your dog coping?

Two Golden Retrievers are playing on a porch. One is in a kiddie pool and it has a water hose in its mouth. It is pointing a water hose to the other dog, who is biting at the water stream

Playing in the pool

A black with white Pit Bull is jumping up to bite at a water stream from a hose hanging above it. A Labrador/Irish Setter mix is running around the hose

Now isn't this a nifty idea! For those dogs that enjoy the hose, wrap the hose around a clothesline and set the dogs loose for some water fun. They are not only keeping cool, but getting a good workout at the same time. This is Cowboy and Matty. Cowboy is believed to be either a Pit Bull or a Staffy, and Matty is believed to be a Lab/Setter mix. See another picture of Cowboy and Matty: Those Amazing Dogs 39!

A black with white Pit Bull is jumping up to bite a stream of water. A Labrador/Irish Setter mix is chasing after the water pointed to the ground

You can tell Cowboy is the dog who gets totally excited over the hose. Matty is excited because Cowboy is excited. Both dogs are having a fabulous time, and keeping cool!

A water hose is spraying water directly into the mouth of a black with white Pit Bull from a hanging hose in the yard. There is a Labrador/Irish Setter mix looking at the Pit Bull

Cowboy gets a drink

A black with white Pit Bull is landing a jump. It is trying to turn and grab a stream of water from a garden hose that is connected to a clothes line out in a yard. There is a tin green and white storage shed behind it.

Looks like Cowboy has just landed from one of his leaping jumps!

A black Bohemian Shepherd is laying in a tub of water outside in a grassy yard panting

Nicka the Bohemian Shepherd keeping cool in the hot summer months by laying in her bucket of water

A Golden Retriever is laying in a blue plastic kiddy pool outside on a brick deck. A German Shepherd is drinking the water out of the pool.

Shaggy the Golden Retriever cooling off in the pool while his German Shepherd buddy takes a cool drink.

An English Mastiff puppy and a yellow Labrador Retriever are standing in a blow up kiddie pool of water outside in a grassy yard. The Labrador Retriever is panting.

Hercules the English Mastiff puppy staying cool with Sunny the yellow Labrador Retriever

A black Labrador Retriever is standing in a light yellow plastic kiddie pool with water and digging at the bottom of it. Another panting black Labrador Retriever is standing next to it watching.

Black Labrador Retrievers beating the heat in their little splash pool.

A black Labrador is standing in a light yellow kiddie pool of water  being sprayed by a water hose that a person is holding. A brindle Boxer puppy has its paw on the side of a blue plastic kiddie pool looking back.

Rocky the Boxer Pup knows how to Beat the Heat in his big kitty pool!