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Cowboy is in mid-jump biting at a hose that is hanging over it a line. Matty the other dog is watching Cowboy jump to grab it. There is a rainbow behind them from the spraying water

Cowboy (or Boo as everyone knows him) jumping after the hose during the heat wave. He goes ballistic when he sees the water coming out and spends the entire day leaping in the air to the clothesline to reach it. As you see he gets pretty close, too!! Cowboy's vet says he is a Pit Bull Terrier, but his trainer says he is an American Staffy. Cowboy was rescued from the pound so his owners are not exactly sure what the case may be. Notice Matty the Lab / Setter cross watching. Matty does not jump at the water like Cowboy, but he is still having a blast with that hose. See more of Matty and Cowboy in Beat the Heat.

Sherwen(Left) and Tyrone(Right) the Alaskan Huskies are pulling a sled across snow

This is Sherwen (blond dog) and Tyrone (right). Sherwen is a lead dog for his owner’s dog team, and is fully blind from PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). Ty is a 12-year-old who still loves to run, and acts as Sher's eyes. They are both Alasken Huskies.

Gable the Boxer is jumping up way off the ground in a field with a school building behind him to catch a light green Frisbee

This four-year-old Boxer named Gable was adopted when he was 18 months old. His owners soon found his passion for Frisbee.

Gable the Boxer is in mid-jump up in the air in a field to catch a blue Frisbee. There is patches of snow in the background Close Up - Gable the Boxer is jumping up in a field to catch a light green Frisbee, all four of his paws are way off the ground Gable the Boxer is jumping up in a field to catch a purple Frisbee. There is a person and a black dog in the background watching Gable, who is way up in mid-air Close Up - Gable the Boxer is jumping up in a field to catch a purple Frisbee. All four of his paws are way off the ground. Gable the Boxer is running around a field with a purple Frisbee in its mouth while being chased by two other dogs

Gable is also fond of playing with his friends Fly and Cocoa.

A coonhound stretching forward looking at the camera while on a leash

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