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Those Amazing Dogs!

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Jessy the Pomchi is in mid-air jumping on a back porch. Jessy is trying to grab a bubble being blown by a person

Jessy, the 2-year-old Pomchi cross loves bubbles! She jumps up and tries to eat them.

Sparky and Zekey The Amazing Therapy Dogs!

Zekey the Italian Spinone and Sparky the Papillon are greeting each other in front of a wooden door in a house

This is Sparky the Papillon and Zekey the Italian Spinone. They are both PAT dogs (Pets As Therapy), greeting each other after they have been to work.

Saprky the Papillon and Pus-puss the Cat are sitting face to face in front of a yellow wall. Pus-puss is touching Sparky with its front paws

This is Sparky (a Papillon) and Pus-puss. Puss-puss had just come back from being spayed and this was their initial meeting; Sparky was sooo worried about her. (He had picked her out as a kitten.)

 Zekey the Italian Spinone is laying in the middle of a hallway. There are two people in wheelchairs behind him.

Here is Zekey working as a PAT dog. We think that he is the youngest registered Spinone therapy dog as he passed at 6 months of age!

Sparky the Papillon is sitting on the lap of a man in a wheelchair. The Man in a wheelchair is sitting next to a lady in a wheelchair

Here is Sparky working as a PAT dog.

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To qualify for the Amazing Dog photo section, the photo needs to be of your dog doing something amazing or out of the ordinary. Please do not send in photos out of books, magazines or from other websites without proper permission from the owner of the photo. Due to the high number of photos sent in, not all photos are posted.

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