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List of English Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs

A collage of red-fawn and white colored dogs with long soft ears that hang to the sides in various poses

Wynter and Weiser the Shockerds (English Shepherd x Cocker Spaniel mix breed dogs) at 9 months old. Bred and owned by Dakota Winds.

Other English Shepherd Dog Breed Names
  • Old Style Collie
A black and tan long coated dog laying on a person's red bed belly up with her head hanging over the edge

Bandit the English Shepherd mix breed dog at 1 and a half years old—"Bandit insists on sleeping with part of her body always hanging off the bed or couch. Upon waking, she sort of slides down, shakes out her sleepy eyes and is ready for play!"

A little black, tan and white tricolor puppy with small black v-shaped ears that fold over to the front sitting down

Misty Rain the English Shepherd / Terrier mix breed puppy at 8 weeks old—"Misty is a very protective dog and has a good temperament. She likes to meet other dogs and gets along well with them. She is excellent with kids. She likes to run around a lot and does not mind being picked up. This type of dog listens very well and learns tricks fast. In three months she learned heel, jump, bark, stop, lay, roll over and get in your pen."